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Certification [certification] attribute

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Use the certification [certification] attribute to describe certifications, such as energy efficiency ratings, associated with a product.

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When to use

Required Required for products that require certain information to be shown in your Shopping ads or free listings, for example due to local energy efficiency labeling regulations.

Optional Optional for all other products

If your products target any of the EU or EFTA member states or the UK, consult EU energy efficiency regulations or any applicable local law to determine if you need to provide this attribute. This includes products covered by rescaled EU energy labels, for example:

  • Fridges and freezers
  • Dishwashers
  • Televisions and other external monitors
  • Household washing machines and washer-dryers
  • Refrigerating appliances with a direct-sales function
  • Light sources

You may be required to show the EU energy efficiency class on your Shopping ads and free listings. You can do so by providing the certification [certification] attribute in your product data for applicable products. Google will look up your product in the EU EPREL database and render the appropriate energy efficiency class in graphical or textual form on your Shopping ads and free listings. For example:

An icon depicting energy efficiency class rating.

Note: If you aren't able to locate your product’s EPREL code and have energy efficiency information only in the form of the rating itself, you can provide all 3 energy efficiency class [energy_efficiency_class] attributes until the end of the transition ending on September 1, 2024.


This attribute uses the following sub-attributes:

  • Authority [certification_authority](Required): The authority or certification body responsible for issuing the certification. At this time, we only support the values "EC" or “European_Commission”.
  • Name [certification_name] (Required): The name of the certification. At this time, we only support the value "EPREL", which represents energy efficiency certifications in the EU European Registry for Energy Labeling (EPREL) database.
  • Code [certification_code] (Required): The code of the certification. For example, for the EPREL certificate with the link the code is 123456.


Follow these formatting guidelines to make sure Google understands the data you're submitting.

Learn when and how to submit your product data in English


Unicode characters (Recommended: ASCII only)

Repeated field


File format Example entry
Text feeds

Include the values for each sub-attribute separated by a colon ( : ).

Example value:


If you name the sub-attributes that you're submitting, you can provide them in any order. However, if you provide sub-attribute values only and do not name them, we’ll assume that your values include sub-attributes in this order:

  1. Authority [certification_authority]
  2. Name [certification_name]
  3. Code [certification_code]
Format the value by submitting values for the authority [certification_authority], name [certification_name], and code [certification_code] sub-attributes, separated with colons ( : ). Don’t use quotation marks.
XML feeds


To format your data for Content API, see the Content API for Shopping resource.

Note: To ensure that this product data attribute gets recognized by our system correctly, remember to submit your data feed file in a format that we support.

Minimum requirements

These are the requirements you need to meet to show your product. If you don't follow these requirements, we'll disapprove your product and let you know in your Merchant Center account.

  • Provide a valid code for a product in the EU EPREL database.

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