Google Ads Best Practices

We want to help your business grow. The insights and tips within these guides form the foundation for successful Google Ads campaigns. They are based on Google’s internal data and have been vetted by the people who built Google Ads.

Improve your campaign performance

AI-powered ads

Blue arrows going in a circle

Multiply your business results with the AI Essentials

Creative Performance


Create effective Search ads

Reaching the right customers on Search

The ABCs of Account Structure


Optimize your Display campaigns

Demand Gen

Extend your social strategy and generate and convert demand

Creative Excellence Guide for Demand Gen Campaigns


(Mobile) Setting up your App campaigns


Video Campaigns

Drive sales, leads and web traffic with Video

Connect with audiences on safe, relevant content


Drive offline sales with online ads

Drive more calls to your business


Make your products stand out and maximize your reach across Google’s channels

Performance Max

Multiply conversions with Performance Max

How Lead Generation advertisers can drive high quality conversions

Drive growth with durable solutions

Shield icon with checkmark

Start protecting your performance


Building your measurement foundation for better business results

Google Analytics 4

Bidding & audiences


Finding success with Smart Bidding

Protect privacy and reach your goals with durable audience solutions

Customer Match

Explore insights and tools

Tools & insights


Stay connected with the Google Ads mobile app


Test with confidence with the Experiments page



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