Drive More Calls to Your Business: Google Best Practices

Official Guide to Optimizing Call-Only Ads and Call Extensions.

Customer interaction can be carried out online, in-store or over the phone. Here are 10 tips for driving more business with call-only ads and call extensions in Google Ads.


1. Determine if driving calls is your most valuable goal

  • Decide if you want your ads to drive clicks and calls alongside one another, or just calls. 

Why: If the value of calls relative to clicks is high enough, you may want to focus on driving calls exclusively using call-only ads.

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2. Set up your call ads for success

  • Write ad text that showcases your company's value and drives customers to call. 

Why: Users need a compelling reason to dial their phone.

  • Schedule ads that drive calls when you have someone there to answer. 

Why: Don't waste your money and your users' time by generating a call you can't accept.

  • Use aggregated Google Ads call data to make more informed decisions about scheduling staff to answer those calls. 

Why: Seeing your call lengths and frequencies can help inform how you staff and run your call center.

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3. Measure the calls you receive

  • Use Google forwarding numbers to track call conversions from your ads. 

Why: This option provides you with details about the calls that you receive and allows you to track calls as online conversions.

  • Track calls as conversions. 

Why: Conversion tracking gives you important information that you can use to improve the performance of your call-only ads or call extensions.

  • Track website call conversions. 

Why: Not all users call right away - some people need more information from your website before picking up the phone. Regardless of when someone calls you, be sure that you capture that call as an online conversion.

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4. Take steps to try to improve the performance of your call ads

  • Understand the types of conversions your Google Ads campaigns and keywords are driving. 

Why: The trends that you notice can influence your strategy. Call-heavy campaigns and keywords may benefit from different bidding and messaging.

  • Bid according to the value that calls deliver for you. 

Why: You can do a better job maximizing Google Ads return on investment by understanding a call's value.

  • Optimize your website to receive calls - make sure phone numbers are prominently displayed on desktop and that they’re clickable on mobile. 

Why: Optimizing your site itself can have a tremendous effect on your overall call volume, especially when users visit your site on their mobile phones.

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