Optimize for Cross-Device Conversions: Google Best Practices

Official Checklist for Measuring and Acting on Cross-Device Behavior.

Take full advantage of cross-device conversions in AdWords. After reaching a strict, highly conservative confidence level, cross-device conversions are shown in AdWords reporting to provide marketers with highly accurate and granular insight on users’ cross-device behavior.


1. Capture all possible cross-device conversions in AdWords

Why: Users who research across multiple devices generally take longer to convert than someone who uses a single device.

Why: Don't let your account structure limit your cross-device visibility. Cross-account conversions report multi-device users’ interactions with you across accounts.

Why: In order to measure conversions across devices and between apps and browsers, you’ll need to have consistent tracking in place.

  • Avoid conversion tags that only fire conditionally.

Why: Cross-device tracking performs best when it’s aware of as many conversions as possible. Conditionally firing your AdWords tag can limit your insight.

  • Design your apps and mobile and desktop sites to facilitate cross-device actions.

Why: The customer journey will look different depending on their context. If a user can’t convert on her current device, make it easy to save and convert later.

2. Find insights on all cross-device conversions

Why: This allows you to use automated bidding to drive more cross-device conversions.

  • Understand the difference in performance uplift between mobile and desktop.

Why: The uplift rate will vary across different devices. Awareness of those differences (by segmenting by device), helps to set bid modifiers and mobile-preferred ads.


Those segmented statistics will show the device of the originating click, not of the final conversion.

3. Set bids and messaging based on cross-device behavior

  • Adjust your bids based on what you see in your “Conversions” column.

Why: Your bids should reflect the value, cross-device or otherwise, that is captured in your “Conversions” column.


AdWords automated bidding factors in cross-device conversions once you include them in your "Conversions" column on the Conversions settings tab.

Guide me in my accountGuide me in my account to set a mobile bid adjustment.

  • Tailor ads to align with what someone can realistically complete on their current device.

Why: Users are more likely to complete a task if they know that task will be achievable in their current situation.


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