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Google Best Practices

Google's Best Practices Series provides strategic advice on core search engine marketing tactics. It's intended to help you get the most out of AdWords. Based on Google's internal data and vetted by the people that built AdWords, this series helps form the foundation of your paid search strategies.

Keywords & Targeting
Choosing the Right Keywords 

Keywords connect your ads with users and their searches. Effective keyword management helps you reach the right customers and grow your business.
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Reach the Right Audience with RLSA and Customer Match

RLSA helps put your ads in front of highly qualified customers who have already shown interest in your business or products. This guide covers how to tag your site, set up remarketing lists, and bid effectively.
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Optimizing Dynamic Search Ads

Dynamic Search Ads reach customers as they search without you needing to stay on top of a detailed keyword list. Learn how to get the best possible performance from your DSA campaigns.
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Create Effective Text Ads

One of the most important things to get right in your search ad is the creative, or messaging, you put into it. Better creatives improve ad relevance and drive more qualified clicks.
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Using Quality Score to Guide Optimizations

To provide a great experience for both users and advertisers, Google measures the quality of your ads. Ad quality is a part of Ad Rank, so the better your ads are, the more competitive you'll be in the AdWords auction.
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Enhance Your Ads with the Right Extensions

Ad extensions appear alongside your ads and deliver additional information to users. Extensions are also part of Ad Rank, so the better your extensions are, the more competitive you'll be in the AdWords auction.
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Bidding, Attribution & Conversions
A Guide to Bid Adjustments

Bid adjustments are an integral part of AdWords that can help you save time and improve performance. This guide provides an outline for how you can align your bids with your business goals to make smarter bid adjustments.
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Automating your Bidding Strategy

Automating your bids with AdWords can deliver better, more informed bids while saving you time. This guide covers the benefits of auction-time bidding, then goes deeper into testing and optimization.
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Adjusting Bids to Maximize Profits

Maximizing profit should be the performance goal of every AdWords account. Use bid testing to learn how you can maximize profits for your account.
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Optimize for Cross-Device Conversions

It’s imperative to understand, and act on, how your marketing drives actions across phones, tablets and desktops. This checklist covers what you can be doing to take full advantage of cross-device conversions in AdWords.
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Beyond Last-Click Attribution

Going beyond last-click attribution for your Search ads in AdWords helps you understand your customer journey. This guide offers best practices on choosing an attribution model and making changes to improve your campaigns
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Account Management
Expand Your Business Globally

Expanding your business to new countries unlocks new opportunities for your AdWords account. This guide offers best practices on exporting your business to new countries with AdWords.
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Test with Confidence in AdWords
Testing in AdWords lets you understand whether proposed changes to your account will help you reach your business goals. This guide outlines the steps to successful testing in AdWords.
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Display & Video
Reach Past Visitors with Display Remarketing

Turn window shoppers into buyers. Programmatic Remarketing on AdWords Display helps you engage site visitors with personalized ads even after they've left your site. Learn how to set up effective tags, remarketing lists, bids and ad formats.
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Create Effective Display Ads

The three critical elements of a display ad are the image, message, and design. This checklist outlines how to create effective responsive ads and image ads so that you can improve conversions, brand recall, and engagement.
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Making the Most of Display Advertising

Make the most of your display advertising on the Google Display Network. This guide offers best practices for connecting your audiences with relevant ads across the web.
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Press Play on TrueView Video Ads

There have never been more opportunities for brands to connect with consumers through the power of video. This guide covers the key ways you can use TrueView video ads to support your overall performance goals.
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Tailor Your Ads with Dynamic Remarketing

Dynamic remarketing lets you re-engage previous site visitors with ads containing products or services they viewed on your site. This guide covers how to create and optimize high-quality business data feeds to power remarketing.
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Drive Sales with Gmail Ads

Gmail ads let you reach people in places where they spend a lot of time -- their inboxes. From targeting to creatives, learn how to drive the best possible performance from your Gmail ads campaigns.
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Mobile & Local
Create Effective Mobile Ads

Smartphones are an integral part of how people search and browse the web. Here are 14 tips on mobile ads to help grow your business.
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Drive More Calls to Your Business

A customer’s interaction with you can be carried out across different channels: online, in your store or over the phone. This guide will cover all of the ways to drive phone calls to your business and optimize them for success.
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Drive Offline Sales with Online Ads

A customer’s interaction with you can start online and then finish in store. This guide will show you how to enhance and target your online ads to drive offline sales and how to optimize them for success.
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Finding Actionable Insights from AdWords Store Visits

Store visits conversion data can help you to understand how your customers interact with your brand across different channels. Here are 3 reports that you can run to help you take action on this data.
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Drive Conversations with Message Extensions

Message extensions are an efficient, convenient way to initiate and extend conversations with customers to unlock an entirely new segment of customers that prefer to use messaging to communicate. Here are some tips for connecting with users via messaging.
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Create and Optimize Effective Shopping Campaigns

Shopping campaigns give you a chance to feature your products to online customers. Get our latest shopping campaign best practices guide on how to structure effective campaigns, set your best bids and optimize your strategy to deliver on your marketing objectives.
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Get Your Search and Shopping Campaigns Ready for Holiday Success

Set up your Search and Shopping campaigns for success during the holidays. Planning for the season's increased shopping demand can help you win more customers over this critical time period.
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Ramp Up Your Search and Shopping Campaigns to Survive the Holiday Season

Check out our guide to Get Your Search and Shopping Campaigns Ready for Holiday Success with tips to ensure your product data and campaigns are in tip-top shape for the holidays. Once those are locked-and-loaded, it’s time to build on top of what you have to optimize for the busy season.
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Evaluating Your Holiday PPC Ads

Assess how your search campaigns did over the holidays. Analysis of your past performance will help you prepare your campaigns for the next holiday season.
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Capture Mobile Shoppers with Your Shopping Campaigns

Consumers increasingly turn to mobile devices for inspiration, information, and the final purchase. To capture mobile shoppers, focus on these 4 key principles to build a strong mobile strategy for your Shopping campaigns. Open guide

Reporting & Analytics
Optimizing AdWords with Google Analytics

Both AdWords and Google Analytics offer insights into the performance of your campaigns, and those insights get better when you use GA + AdWords together. Improve your bidding, messaging and performance through these analyses.
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Finding Actionable Insights through AdWords Reporting

Smart analysis and reporting in AdWords highlights what matters to you and your bottom line. That information can directly improve the performance of your account. This guide covers how to surface the right insights and turn those insights into action.
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Mobile Apps
Finding the Right Mobile App Users

Getting your mobile app discovered can be challenging. Learn how to drive downloads of your app and grow a valuable user base.
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Increase Mobile App Engagement

Once you've built a user base for your mobile app, getting people to continue using it is important. Learn how to market to your user base to drive re-engagement with your app.
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