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Here’s how to fix problems you might have in Classroom.

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Signing in

I can’t sign in to Classroom

Depending on your learning setting, sign in to Classroom with one of the following user account types:

  • School account (Google Workspace for Education account)—Set up by an accredited school. It looks like
  • Personal Google Account—Set up by you. Typically, you use a personal Google Account outside of a school setting, such as a homeschool. It looks like
  • Google Workspace account—Set up by your organization’s administrator. It looks like

If you have a problem signing in to Classroom, you might see one of these error messages:

Error message What it means What you can do
You can’t use Classroom with this account. You tried to sign in with another Google Workspace account.
  • Sign out and sign in again with your Google Workspace for Education account or personal Google Account.
  • On your mobile app, you'll be asked to add another account. Sign in with your Google Workspace for Education account or your personal Google Account.
Your administrator hasn’t activated Classroom. Your admin hasn’t turned on Classroom for your Google Workspace for Education account. Contact your school’s admin to turn on Classroom. For details, go to Control user access to Classroom.

For more details, go to How do I sign in to Classroom?

I signed in as a student, but I’m a teacher with a Google Workspace for Education account
Contact your administrator and have them change your role in Classroom. For details, see Change a user's role from student to teacher.


I can't create a class
If you have a Google Workspace for Education account but can't add a class, your Google Workspace administrator might need to verify that you’re a teacher. Contact your administrator for help. For instructions, administrators can go to Verify teachers and set permissions.
If you have a personal Google Account, there are limits on the number of classes that you can create. Learn more about Classroom limits.
How do I delete, archive, or unarchive a class?
For details, go to Archive or delete a class.
How do I delete a student?
For details, go to Remove a student from a class.

Set up SIS roster import

You can set up an SIS roster import in Classroom. For more details go to FAQ for SIS roster import.


I can't invite students or teachers to my class
If you have a problem inviting students or co-teachers to your class, you might see one of these error messages:
Error message What it means What you can do
Can’t invite users from this domain. You’re trying to invite a user from a domain that's not permitted by your administrator. Contact your administrator to update your domain's class membership settings.
Can’t invite more class members. You’ve exceeded your quota for invitations for the day. Try inviting class members the next day.
Can’t view group members. You're trying to invite a group in Google Groups that you don’t have access to. Contact the group owner to change your permissions to view group members and their email addresses. Learn more

For more details on invitations and limits, go to Invite students to a class or Invite teachers to a class.

I can't invite groups of students or teachers to my class
Teachers who use Google Groups can invite a group of students or a group of co-teachers to a class.
To invite students or other teachers using Google Groups:
  • You don't have to be the owner of the group, but you have to be a member. 
  • You need to be able to view group members and their email addresses. 
To troubleshoot the "Can’t view group members" error message, contact the group owner and ask them to change your permissions to view group members and their email addresses. Learn more
My students have problems with the class code
If your class code doesn’t work, you can reset it and give the new code to your students. Learn about resetting your class code.


Can I restore a deleted assignment?
Deleted assignments can’t be restored. However, you might be able to access attachments that your students submitted in the Classroom folder in Google Drive.
The Turn in button doesn't work for students
If you use Classroom with a personal Google Account and your students report that the Turn in button doesn’t work, your Google Drive might be full.
When students turn in work, it saves to your class folder in Drive. If you’re out of Drive storage, students can’t turn in work and they get an error message when they click Turn in.
Try these steps:
  1. To check your Google Drive storage, go to Drive storage.
  2. Clear space in your Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. 
    For instructions, go to Clear Google Drive space & increase storage.
  3. Ask students to try turning in their work again.

Interested in more Drive storage?

I can't make a copy of an attachment for students
If the attachment option Make a copy for each student doesn’t work, try these solutions:

Interested in more Drive storage?

I can't submit an assignment
If you try to submit an assignment and get the error message "Couldn't attach file," try these different methods instead:
  • Attach the video in Stream, then paste the link in the assignment.
  • Open the Classwork folder, upload your file to the Class Drive, then share your file with the class group.
  • Upload the same file again as a separate copy, then attach the file to the class.
How do I report an issue or make a feature request?


In Classroom, in the bottom-left corner, click Help and thenSend feedback.


  1. Tap Menu and thenHelp.

  2. Tap Send feedback.
  3. Enter your feedback and tap Send .


  1. Tap Menu and thenSend Google feedback.

  2. Enter your feedback and tap Send .


I can’t send or receive email
If you and your students have Google Workspace for Education accounts and can't send or receive email messages, it might be because your admin turned off Gmail. Contact your Google Workspace admin
I can’t invite or email guardians
If you have a Google Workspace for Education account and don’t see the guardian options in Classroom:
  • Access Classroom on a web browser (not through a mobile app).
  • Contact your admin to verify that you're a teacher. 
  • Contact your admin to give you permission to manage guardian email summaries.

Note: If you use Classroom with a personal Google Account, the guardian email feature isn’t available.

Class video meetings

I can't create or join a video meeting in Meet
If Google Meet is unavailable or if you experience issues, such as poor video, trouble joining, or other performance issues, check the Google Workspace Status Dashboard to see if there is a problem with the Meet service.
If the Google Meet status at the Google Workspace Status Dashboard has a yellow or red icon, Meet might perform poorly or be unavailable. For workarounds, go to Troubleshoot issues with Google Meet and Known issues with Google Meet.
My class video recordings go to my student's Drive
If the recording of a class video meeting unintentionally goes to a student’s Google Drive, the student might have clicked the meeting link before the teacher. The first person to click a meeting link gets the recording, even if they don’t join or start the meeting.
Teachers, ask your admin to:

If your admin lets students create meetings and you experience this issue, try these options for your video meetings:

  • Click and open the meeting link first before sharing it with students. 
  • Hide the Meet link at the top of the Stream page until you click the link. For instructions, go to Show or hide a Meet link
  • Share the link in a post only after you click the link or start the meeting. For instructions, go to Add a Meet link to an announcement.
  • If you think a student clicked the link first, reset the link.

Google Drive 

Can I change my class Drive permissions?
It’s not recommended that you manually change the permissions for your class Google Drive folder. Changing the class Drive permissions could limit your ability to:
  • Create assignments
  • Return assignments
  • Transfer class ownership
If you experience any of these issues, ask your Google Workspace administrator to review the Drive audit log for any change made to the permissions.
How do I know if my class Drive storage is full?
To check your class’s Drive storage, go to Drive storage. Be sure you’re signed in with the same account you use for Classroom. 
If you use Classroom with a personal Google Account and your storage is almost full, you can clear Drive space and increase storage.
For instructions to open your Drive folder in Classroom, go to Open your Google Drive folder.
How do I get more Drive storage?
If you use Classroom with a personal Google Account:

Need more help?

To find answers to more questions and connect with other teachers, visit the Google Classroom Help Community.

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