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Troubleshooting for teachers

This page is for teachers.Students go here.

To find answers for more questions, visit the Classroom Help Forum, where you can connect with other teachers.

Sign in

I can’t sign in to Classroom

You can sign in to Classroom with one of these accounts::

  • A G Suite for Education account ( that your school creates. If you don't know your G Suite for Education account, ask your school’s administrator. Who is my administrator?
  • A personal Google Account ( that you create. Learn more about how to create a Google Account.
If you’re using a G Suite for Education account and you can’t sign in, your admin may not have given you permission to use Classroom. To access Classroom, ask your admin to turn on Classroom in the Google Admin console.

You might see the following sign-in error messages:

Error message What it means What you can do
You can’t use Classroom with this account. You tried to sign in with another G Suite account.
  • Sign out and sign in again with your G Suite for Education account or personal Google Account.
  • On your mobile app, you'll be asked to add another account. Sign in with your G Suite for Education account or your personal Google Account.
Your administrator hasn’t activated Classroom. Your admin hasn’t turned on Classroom for your G Suite for Education account. Contact your school’s admin to activate Classroom.


For more details, see How do I sign in to Classroom?

Need more help with signing in? See the Classroom Help Forum.

I signed in as a student and I’m a teacher with a G Suite for Education account

Contact your administrator and have them change your account to teacher. Who is my administrator?


I can't create a class

If you’re a teacher in a school using G Suite for Education, you might be signed in as a student. Contact your administrator and have them verify that your account is set to teacher. Who is my administrator?

How do I delete, archive, or unarchive a class?

For details, see Archive and delete a class.

How do I delete a student?


I can't invite students or teachers to my class

f you have a problem inviting students or co-teachers to your class, you might see one of these error messages:
Error message What it means What you can do
Can’t invite users from this domain. You’re trying to invite a user from a domain that is not permitted by your administrator. Contact your domain administrator to update your domain's class membership settings.
Can’t invite more class members. You’ve exceeded your quota for invitations for the day. Try inviting class members the next day.
Can’t view group members. You're trying to invite a Google Group for which you don’t have access to view members and member email addresses. Contact the group owner to change your permissions.

For more details on inviting users to a class, see Invite students to a class or ;Invite teachers to a class.

I can't invite groups of students or groups of teachers to my class

Teachers who use Google Groups can invite a group of students or a group of co-teachers to a class. Learn more about creating groups.


  • You don't have to be the owner of the group, but you have to be a member to invite the group. You need to be able to view group members and their email addresses. If you receive an error message "Can’t view group members" when sending an invitation, contact the group owner to change your permissions.

For more details on inviting users to a class, see Invite students to a class or Invite teachers to a class.

My students have problems with the class code

If your class code doesn’t work, you can reset it.
  1. Sign in to Classroom with your Google Account.

    For example, or you@gmail.comLearn more.

  2. Select your class.
  3. At the top, click Students.
  4. Next to Class code, click Down Down Arrow and then Reset.

After you reset the class code, give the new code to your students.


Can I restore a deleted assignment?

Unfortunately, deleted assignments can’t be restored. However, you may be able to access completed assignments that your students submitted in the Classroom folder in Google Drive.

How do I make a feature request?


In Classroom, at the bottom-left corner, click Help and then Send feedback.


  1. Tap Menu Menu and then Help.

  2. Tap Send feedback.
  3. Enter your feedback and then tap Send Send.


  1. Tap Menu Menu and then Send Google feedback.

  2. Enter your feedback and then tap Send Send.


I can’t send or receive email

If you and your students have G Suite for Education accounts and can't send or receive email messages, it might be because your admin turned off Gmail. Contact your admin.  Who is my administrator?

I can’t invite or email guardians

If you have a G Suite for Education account and don’t see the guardian options in Classroom:
  • Access Classroom on a web browser (not through a mobile app).
  • Contact your admin to verify that you're a teacher. 
  • Contact your admin to give you permission to manage guardian email summaries.

Note: If you use Classroom with a personal Google Account, the guardian email feature isn’t available.

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