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As an administrator, the Google Admin console is where you manage all your Google Workspace services. Use it to add or remove users, manage billing, set up mobile devices, and more. The Admin console can be found at

Note: If you’re on a Google Workspace trial and need to verify your domain, change your MX records, and set up billing, go to Set up Google Workspace for your organization.

Start on the Home page with these features

To get started, sign in to your Admin console.

Note: Your administrator privileges determine which features are available to you and which tasks you can perform. For example, an admin with the Users privilege can only perform actions on users, so they don't see all the features, such as Billing. For more information, go to Administrator privilege definitions.

Feature What you can do with it
"" Users

Add or remove users, put users in organizational units, and assign admin roles to users to help you manage your Google Workspace services.

Go to Add new users or email addresses

"" Apps

Manage settings for Google Workspace apps and services, such as Gmail and Calendar.

Go to Set up services for your business

"" Billing

Add payment methods, print your invoices, upgrade your Google Workspace edition, or cancel your subscription.

Go to Billing and payments

Product updates

Read the latest blog posts from the Google Workspace Updates blog.



View the latest alerts from the Admin console alert center.


"" Groups

Create company-wide groups and mailing lists to collaborate.

Go to About Google Groups

"" Organizational units

Set up a structure to apply settings and apps to groups or departments.

Go to How the organizational structure works

"" Buildings and resources

Set up Calendar so users can book shared resources in your company, such as such equipment or conference rooms. 

Go to Set up buildings, features, and Calendar resources

"" Devices

Manage mobile devices and computers for your organization’s Google Workspace account.

Go to Manage devices with Google endpoint management

"" Security

Manage security settings in Google Workspace—enforce 2-Step Verification, monitor and enforce passwords, and more. 

Go to Security and data protection

"" Reports

View reports and audit logs to examine potential security risks and analyze user and administrator activity.

Go to Monitor usage and security with reports

"" Account settings

Customize your organization's details and set your communication preferences. Review and accept compliance agreements (GDPR, HIPAA).




Legal and compliance

Data regions

Account Management

Custom URLs

" " Domains

Verify your domain, add a domain alias or other domains, and more.

Go to Add or change domains

" " Data migration

Use Google migration tools to import email, calendar events, and contacts.

Go to About the data migration service

" " Admin roles

Add other users as administrators and select their permissions.

Go to About administrator roles

" " Rules

Secure your organization's data, files, and devices.

Go to Create, edit, and view security rules

" " Dashboard

View insights, notifications, and recommendations about your organization.

Go to Work Insights administration overview

" " Support

Get support from Google by chat, phone, or email, or search for specific help topics.

Go to Contact Google Workspace support

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