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Manage your business's mobile devices

This feature is available in any G Suite edition.

As a G Suite administrator, you can manage Android and Apple® iOS® mobile devices. You can also manage Microsoft® Windows Phones® as well as smartphones and tablets that use Microsoft Exchange®ActiveSync®.

Benefits of mobile management

  • Manage mobile devices from anywhere.
  • Use your Admin console or the Google Admin app for Android and iOS devices.
  • Recommend and make available preferred business applications.
  • Individually approve devices for active management or allow them to activate automatically to complete the enrollment process.
  • Instantly push policies (such as Wi-Fi and email configurations) to devices.
  • Choose between basic or advanced management to fit your organization's needs. For details, see Set up mobile device management.

Android management options

  • Allow users to add their work account to their personal device. (Personal and managed data on these devices aren't kept separate.)
  • Create a work profile on the user's device. You can manage apps and data in the work profile without worrying about the user's personal space.
  • For Android devices that your business owns, you can control the entire device with advanced management. You can:
    • Allow personal accounts.
    • Restrict mobile network, Wi-Fi, or VPN changes.
    • Limit sharing by controlling USB transfers, screen captures, and the SD card.
    • Restrict users from using a file manager to install apps or share their location in an app.
    • Prevent users from factory resetting devices.

iOS management options

  • Automatically synchronize email, calendars, and contacts with users’ devices.
  • Turn on or off features, such as lock screen widgets, Siri, My Photo Stream, Handoff, and iCloud Photo Sharing.
  • Protect your organization’s managed data by controlling which apps can be used to open documents and attachments.
  • Control Apple® iCloud® backup and sync, and turn on backup encryption.
  • Apply device-management controls, such as account wipe, encryption, and screen lock.
  • Keep work data secure with G Suite apps, such as Gmail, Google Drive, and Calendar. For details, see Get mobile apps for iOS devices

App management

Let your users install preferred business apps from a whitelist you create. You can:

For advanced management of Android devices, add Android enterprise to separate business apps from personal apps. This way, employees can use their favorite Android device for work and play. You can subscribe (at no extra cost) when you have a G Suite account. (Learn more about Android enterprise.)


Your employees enroll themselves in mobile management by adding their work account to their devices*. The account uses a synchronization process (Android Sync, iOS Sync, or Google Sync) to connect with your business and keep data everywhere up to date.

For devices your company owns, you can speed up enrollment. Import them in bulk by serial number. Then, either enroll each device yourself, or distribute the devices and allow employees to complete enrollment as usual.

After users enroll a device, you can:

  • View device activity from the Admin console or Admin app.
  • Use reports to get the big picture.
  • Use audit logs to see individual event details.
  • Respond quickly to activity that indicates policy noncompliance. You can block or remove an account from the device.

*For optimal performance, we recommend that each work account is added to no more than 10 devices.

Get started now

Learn more about Google Mobile Management.

Get started Setting up mobile devices for management.

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