Getting started with the Google Admin console

The Google Admin console is a single place to manage all your G Suite services. Sign in to the Google Admin console to create user accounts, configure administrator settings for your G Suite services, manage billing, monitor G Suite usage in your domain, see support options, and more.

To get started:

  • Create user accounts to give your users access to all the great services you've signed up for, including email, calendar, and documents & spreadsheets.
  • Verify ownership of your domain. You'll be prompted to verify that you own the domain you've signed up with.
  • As services are activated, your users can immediately start sending email and setting calendar appointments through the sign-in URLs listed in your Home page, or via the start page.
You can also check out the additional Admin console features below.
  Set up email delivery
To use G Suite mail as your domain's email service, modify your MX records to point to Google's mail servers and activate email in the Admin console. You must change your domain's MX records with your domain host. Who is my domain host?
  Create your own web pages
Your webpage is the face of your domain, or what visitors -- not just your users -- will see. You can edit and publish web pages using Google Sites. To create a site, follow the instructions here. To make the site available for users who visit, follow these instructions and make sure your site is publicly available.
  Customize the look and feel of your services
Add your own logo and update your organization name. You can also update the URLs by clicking Customize URL in the settings for each service.
If you're looking for a comprehensive plan for getting started with G Suite, see setup and  deployment.
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