Add or remove dashboard controls

When you sign in to the Google Admin console, you arrive at your Admin console dashboard. Here, you'll find controls for performing administrator tasks like adding users to your account and managing service settings. Some controls you need might initially be hidden. You can easily add these controls to your dashboard, then arrange controls however you like.

To find and arrange dashboard controls:

  1. Click More controls to see hidden dashboard controls.
  2. Unhide a control you need by dragging it from More controls to the dashboard.
  3. Hide any control you don't need by dragging it down to More controls.
  4. Once you have controls you want, drag them around your dashboard to arrange them however you want.
  5. Click More controls again to hide the extra controls you don't need.

Your changes apply only to your account. When other administrators sign in, their dashboard has the controls they placed there.

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