Previous YouTube Studio beta updates

You can use this page to see an overview of the main updates we've made to YouTube Studio beta over time.

August 2018

  • Dashboard is now available in 24 languages, with more to come!
  • Analytics charts now have multi-line graphs for easier comparisons
  • The new Editor with Trimming and End Screens is available to all channels. Cards, blurring and more are on their way.
  • Bulk actions are now available.
  • You can now see an Insights card pop up after you upload a video, that tells you how your video is performing in an easy to understand way and an option to see a more detailed analysis. 
  • Added character limit to tags in the video Details page.
  • Instead of going to Analytics when you click on your published video, we now take you to the Details page, which is more inline with the Classic navigation experience. If you want to see your analytics, click on your video and then the Analytics tab in the left menu. 
  • As of August 22, Enhancements (excluding Blurring and Trimming) are no longer available on Creator Studio classic. We currently have no plans for building this out in YouTube Studio, but welcome your feedback.
  • Added a link to the video from the search results. 
  • We've heard your feedback and added a Likes counter on the Videos page that. 
  • We made it clearer to see if and for when a video is scheduled.

July 2018

  • Location tagging - you can now tag your video recording location on a video in YouTube Studio under Details > Advanced. This will help viewers find your content when looking for that location.
  • You can now add a video to an existing playlist from the Details > Basic tab. The ability to create playlists will be added soon.  

June 2018

  • Custom date ranges for Analytics are back to help you with your detailed data drill down.
  • New Dashboard launched to creators with English language settings. 
  • Snapshot (video at a glance) live for everyone with access to Dashboard. This card compares your latest video's performance to previous videos. 
  • The Latest activity card (formerly known as Real Time report) now has a toggle between 60 minutes and 48 hours and shows the total views for that range. 

May 2018

  • Tables in Analytics now have multiple metrics and columns are sortable.
  • In Analytics we've added overlays on the main graphs to indicate when and how many videos you've published. Click on one of the overlays to drill down into that video.
  • You can now easily access your video URLs from the Video list by clicking on the YouTube icon when hovering over a video. 
  • New date options in Analytics, with months and years. Custom date ranges and 'Since publish' are coming!
  • Automatically updating Latest activity card on Analytics Overview to show you realtime views for the last 48 hours. 

April 2018

  • Impressions, Impressions Click-through rates, Unique Viewers and Average views per Viewer are now available in YouTube Studio! You can find more information and tips on how to use these metrics here
  • Newly updated Analytics tabs, with a large "key metrics graph" that shows you the most important metrics plotted over your selected timeframe. 

March 2018

  • Compact navigation, allowing you to see more information on the same page with less unused space. Click on your channel avatar or video thumbnail to change the mode. 

February 2018

  • You can now use bulk actions for comments on "Likely Spam" and "Held for Review"

January 2018

  • Inline deleting of your videos
  • Inline downloading of your videos
  • YouTube Studio beta is now available in all supported languages. In order to switch, please go back to Creator Studio Classic or and change it in the top right menu. 
  • You can now set YouTube Studio to open on default when you access Creator Studio. Go to YouTube Studio and click on Settings or 'Set as default'. You can undo this at any point.

December 2017

December is usually a quiet time where we don't launch too many new features. Our highly trained monkeys need a break every now and then. 

November 2017

  • Inline actions on the Video list for viewing your video on the watch page and copying your video URL to your clipboard

October 2017

  • New access URL at
  • Metadata editor for tags, advanced settings, and more
  • Custom and auto-generated thumbnails
  • Collapsible left menu to give you more space in the Videos tab
  • Ability to filter videos by title, descriptions, and view count
  • Comments improvements and sorting
  • Monetization icons parity with Creator Studio Classic

September 2017

  • Contextually dynamic "Missing features" tab that lets you quickly get to a feature in Creator Studio Classic that's currently not yet in YouTube Studio beta
  • Back arrow for easy navigation back to the previous view (instead of a breadcrumb) at the top of any video-level view page

August 2017

  • Added comments auto-moderation
  • Fixed an issue with moderated comments disappearing
  • Improved loading times
  • Manual editing of scheduled publishing dates

July 2017

  • Created YouTube Studio beta specific help content and icon. Added Help article, "What's new in YouTube Studio beta")
  • Links to Creator Studio Classic when an action can't be taken in YouTube Studio beta
  • YouTube Analytics updates: Detail views, end screen cards data, monthly estimated earnings data, and more
  • Comments: Full management, including adding a heart to a comment
  • Video list: Ability to schedule a private video to become public

May 2017

  • Ability to submit feedback
  • View and edit videos in-line
  • YouTube Analytics: Relevant data in themed tabs (overview, revenue, discovery, audience, interactive content, playlists)

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