Customize channel layout

You can customize the layout of your channel so that viewers see what you want them to when they get to your page. If you don't customize the layout, all visitors will see your channel feed.

This is recommended for creators who upload videos regularly. You can add a channel trailer, suggest content for your subscribers, and organize all your videos and playlists into sections. Or, for example, you can always show your channel trailer to new visitors.

If you aren't able to follow these instructions, you are likely using the old version of YouTube. If you're using a newer browser, update to the current version of YouTube.

Before you can customize your layout, you need to turn this feature on:

  1. On a computer, sign in to YouTube.
  2. Click your avatar in the top right of your screen.
  3. Click My Channel
  4. Click Customize channel.

After you've enabled channel customization, follow the instructions to create a channel trailer for new visitors and create channel sections to customize the layout on your channel.




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