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Latest updates

Updates from the past 2 weeks

  • YouTube Premium free channel membership: From November 9 to December 31, 2020, some users in Brazil, Ireland, the U.K., Japan, and South Korea will get 1 free channel membership per month if they sign up and pay for YouTube Premium or are existing paying YouTube Premium members (restrictions apply). Eligible viewers can see this promotion on your membership’s offer screen. You’ll earn the same amount as you would from 1 month of a paid membership. Learn more.

Previous updates

Updates from the past 6 months

October 2020

  • Pairing your computer with your TV using a TV code is no longer available: Using a TV code to cast from a web browser on your computer to your TV is no longer supported. You can still use a TV code to link your phone or tablet to your TV. To cast from a web browser to your TV, you’ll now need to connect over Wi-Fi. Learn how.
  • Election results info in Search: On November 3, 2020, Election Day in the US, we’re launching election results information panels. These panels show at the top of your search results when you search for content related to the US state or federal elections. They may also show under a video that discusses the US election. These panels will direct you to Google’s “Election Results” feature, which sources election results from The Associated Press. Learn more.
  • Video player updates on the YouTube app: When watching videos in the YouTube app (Android and iOS), you may notice some new and updated features:
    • With Suggested actions, you can get suggestions to improve your viewing experience, like flipping your device horizontally when watching videos shot in landscape mode.
    • With Chapters list view, a list of chapters will show on a video so you can jump right to the part of a video you’re most interested in.
    • Autoplay and closed captions buttons can now be found at the top of the video player.
  • Update to your channel page in the YouTube mobile app: You’ll now only see your public videos listed on your Home and Videos tabs of your channel page in the YouTube mobile app, so you can be sure your channel page only shows what your viewers see. All your videos (public, private, and unlisted) can now be managed from your Library under Your Videos. Similarly, you’ll now only see your public playlists in the Playlists tab of your channel page. All your playlists (public and private) can now be managed from your Library under Playlists. Learn more about video privacy settings.

September 2020

  • Playlist features going away soon: The following playlist features will be discontinued starting October 8th, 2020 due to low usage: video notes, translated playlist titles/descriptions, remove duplicates button, and auto add. Playlists are core to YouTube and you can still use other features to manage your playlists. Learn more.

  • iOS 14 app permissions update for casting YouTube: With the recent release of iOS 14, you’ll need to give YouTube permission to connect to streaming devices on your local network, such as your TV, in order to play content on a streaming device. Each YouTube app (YouTube, YouTube Music, YouTube TV, and YouTube Kids) now requires this permission. Learn more.
  • Election info in Search: In preparation for the US 2020 election, we’re launching 4 features in the US: candidate information panels, candidate pinned channels, presidential watch cards, and voting information panels. Candidate information panels show in search results when you search for the name of a federal congressional, senatorial, or presidential candidate. You may also see a candidate’s verified channel in your search results and, for searches on US presidential candidates, you may see presidential watch cards. Voting information panels show in search results when you search “How to vote” or “How to register to vote.” Learn more.

August 2020


July 2020

  • Anxiety and depression information panels: In the U.S., we've introduced information panels on anxiety and depression to help people find information more easily during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more.

June 2020

  • YouTube Premium available through KDDI: If you are an au by KDDI customer in Japan, you can now purchase YouTube Premium from your mobile carrier. You will be billed for membership as part of your mobile phone bill and receive all of the same YouTube Premium benefits. Learn more.
  • Watch videos by chapter: You may now see videos that have chapters to help you find just the right place in a video. Chapters will show at the bottom of the video player if the creator has included them. Learn more.

May 2020

  • Set a bedtime reminder: You can now choose specific times when you want to see a reminder to stop watching videos and go to bed. This feature is now available on Android and iPhone devices. Learn more.

April 2020

  • See fact checks in YouTube search results: When you search for something on YouTube, you may now see a panel marked as an “independent fact check” in your search results. Fact check panels give viewers more information on claims made in the news. This feature is now available in Brazil, India, and the U.S. Learn more.

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