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Use this article to stay up to date with all the latest changes on YouTube. If you're a YouTube Premium member, read about updates and promotions here. If you're a video creator, read about changes to creator tools and features here.

Latest updates

Updates from the past 2 weeks

  • Super Thanks on Shorts Beta: We’re introducing a new way for you to support your favorite creators’ Shorts with Super Thanks. During the beta, some viewers will notice on participating creators’ Shorts. When you buy Super Thanks, you get to post a distinct and customizable comment. This beta is only available for some creators and viewers right now, but we’re working to expand availability in the coming months. Check if you’re in the beta by looking for on Shorts. Learn more.

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Previous updates

Updates from the past 6 months

June 2022

Super Chat & Super Stickers Expansion: If you’re in Indonesia, you can now support your favorite creators during live chat with Super Chat & Super Stickers. Super Chat highlights your message in the live chat and Super Stickers gives you a colorful animation in the live chat feed. Learn more.

May 2022

Channel Memberships Gifting Beta: We’re introducing ways for channel members to buy a 1-month gift membership for others. On participating channels, members can buy gift memberships during live streams and Premieres, which we’ll  distribute to viewers of the channel. Once redeemed, gift memberships give viewers up to 1 month of channel membership perks. Learn more.

April 2022

  • Watch Shorts on computers, tablets, and mobile web: We’re bringing the Shorts player to computers, tablets, and mobile web on your phone. Everyone can now watch short videos in a viewing experience made for them. Tablet and mobile web viewers can also tap Shorts  at the bottom of the app or browser screen to start watching Shorts.
  • New Subtitle Editor permissions level in YouTube Studio: With the role of Subtitle Editor in Studio, creators can give you access to add and edit subtitles on their videos. You will be permitted to modify subtitles on any videos where a creator has set a default language. Learn more about getting Subtitle Editor access.

March 2022

February 2022

Supervised experience on more apps and devices: Supervised accounts can now use YouTube on eligible smart TVs and YouTube Music on mobile devices and web. In the US, supervised accounts can now use YouTube, YouTube Kids, and YouTube Music on Google Assistant-enabled devices. Learn more.
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