Review your credits

The Credits queue located under Community > Credits in your Creator Studio allows you to review the videos in which you’ve been credited.

If you are credited, this information will appear on the video watch page and you will be notified that you’ve been credited in a video. For each credit that you receive, the queue will display:

  • The person who credited you
  • What role you were credited with
  • Video you were credited in
  • Date and time you were credited

If you choose to review all credits before they are public (you can control this preference in your Community settings), credits will appear in the Pending tab until you choose to accept or reject them.

From this page, you may choose to add the videos you’ve been credited in to a playlist once you’ve approved the credits, remove credits that have been applied to you (which will also remove them from the uploaders video), or flag a credit as spam.

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