Vault and Gmail confidential mode

Gmail confidential mode lets users restrict recipients' access to sensitive email content. This feature is available to all personal Gmail accounts and to G Suite domains that have enabled the feature.

When a user sends a confidential message, Gmail replaces the message body and attachments with a link. Only the subject and body containing the link are sent via SMTP. Learn more about how to send messages with Gmail confidential mode.

Vault and internal confidential mode messages

If your organization enables Gmail confidential mode, Vault can hold, retain, search, and export all confidential mode messages sent by users in your organization.

Confidential messages sent after November 30, 2018 are visible to Vault in the mailboxes of all internal senders and recipients. Messages are always available to Vault, even when the sender sets an expiration date or revokes recipients' access to confidential mode messages.

Vault and external confidential mode messages

Even if your domain declines to enable Gmail confidential mode, your users might receive confidential mode messages from other G Suite customers and from personal Gmail accounts.

Confidential mode messages sent from external parties are owned by their senders and are hidden from Vault. You can hold, retain, search and export message headers and subjects of external confidential messages. However, you can't search or export message content or attachments from external confidential messages

Note: G Suite administrators can create a compliance rule that blocks incoming confidential mode messages from being delivered to your domain.

Working with confidential mode messages in Vault

Vault supports confidential mode messages as follows:

  • Vault returns internal confidential messages that match your search query. You have the option to hide confidential message content when you preview and to exclude confidential message content when you print or export messages.
  • You can use label:confidentialmode to search for confidential messages. You can also use this label to apply holds and custom retention rules specifically to confidential messages.
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