Local inventory ads onboarding guide

About local inventory ads implementation

To promote your local inventory, provide information about your business, stores, and products. Use this implementation guide to set up local inventory ads.

  • Are you interested in onboarding via API? Learn more.
  • Are you a retailer interested in having your POS/inventory data provider submit your transaction data to Google on your behalf? Or, are you a POS/inventory data provider who would like to submit your customers' data to Google? Learn how to get started.

Step 1: Set up your accounts

Step 2: Enable the local inventory ads program

a. Enable local inventory ads

b. Verify your About page (European countries only)

Step 3: Create, register, and submit feeds

          a. Create a primary feed

          b. Create a local product inventory feed

          c. Register and submit local feeds

Step 4: Request inventory verification

Step 5: Enable local inventory ads in your Shopping campaign


If you're having issues with your local inventory ads, go to our Contact Us form.
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