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About inventory verification

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If you’re looking for information about inventory verification in the Merchant Center Next experience, click here.

Local offers for free local product listings can be served at a limited capacity without going through inventory verification.

Note: Inventory verification isn't required if you’ve been approved for merchant-hosted local storefront. Allow 72 hours for your feed to process, then select “Request verification” and Google will send a notification to your Merchant Center account indicating that you're ready to begin serving local inventory ads and free local product listings.

Google's inventory verification program checks product information in your local stores to ensure it matches the information you provide in your data feeds. This program also ensures the accuracy of information in local inventory ads and free product listings. Learn more about requesting inventory verification

Required inventory verifications per landing page experience

You can initiate inventory verification checks after submitting your product data and validating your inventory contact. Depending on your landing page experience, you need to complete a minimum number of inventory verifications.

Note: If any inventory verification is unsuccessful, the number of inventory verifications can exceed the minimum number of inventory verifications listed below.
  Number of inventory verifications per number of stores
Landing page experience 1-2 stores 3+ stores
Google hosted local storefront 1 3
Merchant hosted local storefront (basic) 0 0
Merchant hosted local storefront (full) 0 0

Inventory verification process

After you request inventory verification, Google emails you to confirm that your account is ready for the inventory verification stage. Here's how the inventory verification process works:

  • You submit your store representative’s contact information and their availability to conduct the review. This person can be someone who works in your store, a marketing team member, or an intern.
  • On an agreed upon date, Google emails your store representative a survey form with a random selection of 100 products pulled from the store’s data feeds. Using the form, the store representative ensures the product information matches what’s actually in the store. The form is compatible with all browsers.
  • The store representative also needs to photograph some products, clearly showing the product label and shelf price or price tag.

Once in your store, the inventory verification process takes approximately 2 hours per store. The survey form must be completed within the same business day. Once you have completed the inventory verification, submit the survey to transfer the results.

A concept illustration of the inventory verification form for Merchant Center accounts. A concept illustration of an item detail view in the inventory verification form for Merchant Center accounts.

Inventory re-verification

Once your local inventory ads or free local listings are live, Google may require additional inventory verifications to be conducted. These checks help ensure that product, price, and availability information of your local products continues to be accurate. We recommend updating price and availability changes in your inventory data as frequently as possible and refreshing your inventory data at least once per day.

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