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Set up Google Pixel Watch

How to set up your Google Pixel Watch

What you need to get started

You need the following to begin set up:

Set up Google Pixel Watch

2. Turn on Pixel Watch

Turn on Google Pixel Watch by pressing the crown for about 3 seconds.

3. Pair your watch and phone

Place your watch near a compatible Android 8.0+ phone with Bluetooth on. The screen should indicate that pairing can begin.

Follow the on-screen instructions in the app and select Google Pixel Watch to begin pairing.

A matching pairing code will be displayed on both the app and watch.

4. Download and install the Google Pixel Watch app

If you haven’t already downloaded the Google Pixel Watch app, you’ll be instructed to go to the Google Play Store to install the latest version of the app.

5. Allow Watch permissions

Choose which apps, like Calendar or Gmail, that you want connected to your Watch.

6. Connect a Google Account

  1. Open the Google Pixel Watch app Google Pixel Watch.
  2. Create a Google Account or sign in with an existing one to continue the setup process.
  3. On Google Pixel Watch, sign into your Google Account.

7. Set up and track activity and sleep with Fitbit

8. Activate LTE (Google Pixel Watch LTE only)

If you purchased Google Pixel Watch LTE, Set up and manage an LTE carrier plan for Google Pixel Watch.

9. Turn on additional settings

On-screen instructions will guide you through setting up or connecting:

  • Google Pay
  • Google Assistant
  • A personalized lock screen PIN or pattern
  • Other Google Play Store apps available on Google Pixel Watch

Note: During setup, you can turn on the TalkBack text-to-speech accessibility shortcut by triple tapping the side button next to the crown.

10. Check that Pixel Watch system settings are up-to-date

If you haven't updated your Watch during setup, you can update your system settings now.
Note: Make sure your Watch is charging and connected to a 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi router.

PIxel Watch 2: When you update over Wi-Fi, this update will take 15-20 minutes. Updating over Bluetooth could make the update take significantly longer (up to an hour). You may need to unlock the watch to check that the setup is complete.

  1. On Google Pixel Watch, swipe down and then tap Settings .
  2. Tap System and then System updates. Google Pixel Watch will check for available updates.

11. Complete set up

Follow the remaining on-screen instructions in the app to finish setting up Pixel Watch.

Tip: When your device and watch successfully connect, "Connected" will appear in the Google Pixel Watch app. If your device and watch aren't connected, "Disconnected" will appear on the watch screen.

Fix setup and pairing issues

Learn how to resolve issues setting up and pairing your Watch and phone.

First, check that:

Pixel Watch won't pair with phone

On your phone

  1. Open the Google Pixel Watch app Google Pixel Watch and then System and then Reset and unpair watch and then Reset (but don't erase eSIM).
  2. Go to Settings and then Connected Devices and then forget any watch devices listed.

On your watch

  1. Once the watch shows the pairing animation, bring the phone and watch together again to retry the pairing process.

Pixel Watch still won't pair

  1. Watch the Set up Pixel Watch video to confirm that all steps were fully completed.
  2. Confirm that the Pixel Watch battery is fully charged.
  3. Verify that Bluetooth is enabled on your phone. Connect through Bluetooth on your Pixel phone
  4. Confirm that your location is set up. Manage your Pixel phone’s location settings.
  5. Make sure that your watch and phone are physically beside each other. Your phone must be within 0.5 m (1.6 ft) of your Pixel Watch for Fast Pair to work.
  6. Confirm that your phone is connected to either a Wi-Fi or mobile network.
Note: If you've tried the steps above and Pixel Watch still won't pair with your phone, follow these factory reset instructions to fix the problem.

The Pixel Watch app shows that there is no watch connected

On your phone

  1. Uninstall the Google Pixel Watch app Google Pixel Watch.
  2. Go to Settings and then Connected Devices and then forget any watch devices listed.

On your watch

  1. Hold the crown for 5 seconds until the power menu appears and then Restart.
  2. Once the watch restarts, retry the pairing process by bringing the phone and watch together again.
Note: If the power menu does not appear, hold down the side and crown buttons for 20 seconds to force a hard reset.

Works with most phones running Android 8.0 or newer. Requires a Google Account and internet access. Paid subscription required for some features. Refer to for technical and device specifications.

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