Dynamic remarketing for apps setup guide

4. Set up a dynamic remarketing campaign

Dynamic remarketing combines the reach of both web and app audiences into a single campaign.

If you have an existing dynamic remarketing for web campaign, you may use it to also reach your app users. Simply add remarketing list built around your app users to your existing campaign. You'll learn how to do this in the next step.

Create a dynamic remarketing campaign

How to create a dynamic remarketing campaign for Display

  1. Sign in to Google Ads.
  2. Click Campaigns from the page menu.
  3. Click the plus icon , then select New Campaign.
  4. Choose Display Network.
  5. Select Sales.
  6. Select Standard display campaign, then click Continue.
  7. Specify a campaign name, bid strategy and budget.
  8. Your selections in the “Targeting” section is where dynamic remarketing comes in. For optimal targeting, select “Automated” so that Google’s machine learning can help you target with the greatest reach. This includes remarketing. If you want to target specific audiences only, set targeting to “Manual” to choose audience groups in the audiences menu. The tracking from your global site tag helps Google identify the best audiences for you to choose from. Once you’ve manually selected a list from the list options, click Done. You’ll also be able to include more targeting options and can incorporate “Targeting expansion,” which lets Google target the highest performing audiences for your ads.
  9. Then create your Display ads. Learn how to create your responsive Display ads
  10. Click Create campaign.
  11. Now you’ll attach feeds to campaigns.
    1. Go to “Campaigns” in the left page menu to select your campaign.
    2. Click Settings.
    3. Click Additional settings
    4. Click on the down arrow for “Dynamic ads”.
    5. Check the box beside “Use dynamic ads feed for personalized ads”.
    6. Click Save.
Note: Once you select a feed of a particular business type, you can only change it to another feed of the same business type. For example, if you select a retail feed you can only change it to another retail feed.

How to create a dynamic remarketing App campaign

  1. Sign in to Google Ads.
  2. Click Campaigns from the page menu.
  3. Click the plus icon , then select New Campaign.
  4. Select App promotion as your campaign goal.
  5. Select App as the campaign type.
  6. Select your campaign subtype and mobile app’s platform.
  7. Specify a campaign name, bid strategy, budget, start and end dates and ad format settings.
  8. Click Show advanced settings.
  9. In the “Data feed” field, check the box beside “Attach a feed to improve targeting and enable ads that feature your feed items”.
  10. Select either your Dynamic ad feed or your Google Merchant Center feed. Learn about using feeds in App campaigns
  11. Click Save and continue.
  12. Create your app ads. Learn how to make effective creative assets for your App campaign
For more detailed instructions, read Create a dynamic remarketing campaign.

Follow Google’s best practices for Display remarketing

  1. Use Google Tag Manager to tag your entire site for creating remarketing lists.
  2. Create remarketing lists that you can target with different bids or ads.
  3. Set your remarketing bids and formats.
  4. Modify your campaign’s restrictions.
  5. Expand your remarketing lists.
  6. Add custom parameters to your remarketing tag.
  7. Set up your business feeds.
  8. Read Reach Past Visitors with Display Remarketing: Google Best Practices for more detail.

Set an automated bidding strategy

  1. Maximize Clicks to increase site visits.
  2. Get the most conversions for your Target CPA.
  3. Manage manual bids with Enhanced cost-per-click (ECPC).
  4. Maximize Conversions to get the most out of your budget.
  5. Read About automated bidding for more detail.
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