Dynamic remarketing for apps setup guide

4. Set up a dynamic remarketing campaign

Dynamic remarketing combines the reach of both web and app audiences into a single campaign.

If you have an existing dynamic remarketing for web campaign, you may use it to also reach your app users. Simply add remarketing list built around your app users to your existing campaign. You'll learn how to do this in the next step. 

Create a dynamic remarketing campaign

How to create a dynamic remarketing campaign

  1. Sign in to Google Ads.
  2. Click Campaigns from the page menu. 
  3. Click the plus icon , then select New Campaign
  4. Choose Display Network. 
  5. Select Sales
  6. Select Standard display campaign, then click Continue
  7. Choose a campaign name, bid strategy and budget. 
  8. In the Audiences section, select Remarketing and choose a remarketing list. 
  9. Note: If you have no remarketing lists setup, we recommend you choose the AdWords optimized list which includes users from all app and web audience sources. It is quick to setup and for many users, this option performs better than manually segmenting, because it allows auto bidding to fully optimize the data it has on all users. Please follow the below steps to setup:
    1. Select a specific Audience. 
    2. Click the Custom combinations dropdown, then select Google Ads optimized list
  10. Select Done
  11. Select Use a data feed for personalized ads
  12. Choose the Business type that represents your products or services. If your business type is retail, select Retail and link your Google Merchant Center account. If your business type isn't listed, select Other (custom option)
  13. Click the plus button  NEW AD, and create your ad. 

Note: You will be reminded to upload your feed when your campaign is ready. 

For more detailed instructions, read Create a dynamic remarketing campaign.

Follow Google’s best practices for Display remarketing

  1. Use Google Tag Manager to tag your entire site for creating remarketing lists.
  2. Create remarketing lists that you can target with different bids or ads.
  3. Set your remarketing bids and formats.
  4. Modify your campaign’s restrictions.
  5. Expand your remarketing lists.
  6. Add custom parameters to your remarketing tag.
  7. Set up your business feeds.
  8. Read Reach Past Visitors with Display Remarketing: Google Best Practices for more detail.

Set an automated bidding strategy

  1. Maximize Clicks to increase site visits.
  2. Gain more Search visibility through Target Search Page Location.
  3. Gain more visibility than other domains through Target Outranking Share.
  4. Get the most conversions for your Target CPA.
  5. Manage manual bids with Enhanced cost-per-click (ECPC).
  6. Maximize Conversions to get the most out of your budget.
  7. Read About automated bidding for more detail.
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