Optimize for Better Display Performance

Learn advanced tips to optimizing display campaigns on the Google Display Network. Our display best practices can help drive strong results and grow your business.

Ads on the Google Display Network can be shown across millions of sites, apps and video on the web. You should regularly evaluate the automatic placements (or websites) where your ads are shown. Here's how:

Exclude underperforming site categories and placements.

If you’re using automated bidding, the tool will automatically optimize placements for you. Otherwise, use exclusions to avoid content that your target customers aren’t likely to visit.

First, audit your site categories. Most brands would want to exclude sensitive content, error pages, parked domains or forums. At this time, you can only add site category exclusions through the Display Network tab.

Next, optimize your placements. With manual bidding, you can use the Placement Performance Report to identify irrelevant or underperforming placements. Note that exclusions limit your reach-you should base your decisions on statistically significant data. You also want to make sure you exclude the specific page of a site versus the entire domain.

If you’re using remarketing, avoid adding placement exclusions. If someone’s expressed interest in your business, you want to have as few constraints as possible.


You can see your account set up dashboard in the Summary tab, under the "Display Network". If there are any issues, you'll see a link on the right. It's your one-stop shop for surfacing relevant technical issues and fixing them right away.


In this guide, we’ve covered how you can best manage your programmatic advertising from start to finish. Try these best practices out in your account to drive strong performance and efficient results. 


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