Reach past visitors with display remarketing

Remove restrictions for best display remarketing performance

In this section of the guide, we'll cover how to optimize your remarketing campaign settings by removing restrictions and automating your frequency caps.

Remove exclusions for languages, locations and placements

Reach and timing matter in remarketing. The more people you reach, the more chances you get to reconnect with your past site visitors and offer them compelling ads and offers regardless of their context and location. This means more opportunities for your ads to appear during time-sensitive moments when your potential customers are most likely to convert, such as the cart abandonment example in the earlier section.

You’re targeting visitors who have already expressed an interest in your business, so you want to add as few constraints as possible for things like placements, languages or geography. Those kinds of targeting criteria can significantly lower the reach and effectiveness of your remarketing campaigns.

Here are some basic “dos” for remarketing settings:

  • Do remove language settings. If a person has visited your site, they probably understand the language of your ads. If you have different ads for different languages, try creating a separate campaign for that language with another remarketing list.
  • Do remove location settings. Even if you don’t deliver to, say, Japan, you may want to include Japan in your lists because some Japanese people may want to gift your product to friends who live in your delivery regions. If you have different terms and conditions for different countries, create a separate campaign with a separate list segmentation to test this out.
  • Do remove performance-based placement exclusions. For best performance, it’s best not to exclude any placements. Even if certain placements didn’t perform well previously, our automated bidding solutions will optimize placements in real time to achieve your performance goals.

Consider brand safety filters for placements where you absolutely would not want your brand to show up. Review the Placement and Performance Report to identify and negate any placements that are off-brand for your business.

Automate your frequency caps

Advertisers often ask us which frequency cap gives the best performance.

The answer varies from case to case, of course. When the programmatic bidding algorithm finds that someone is unlikely to click after a certain number of impressions, it will stop showing ads in that situation. Our automated bidding solutions and ad auction will naturally automate your frequency caps for you to optimize towards the consumer experience as well as for performance.


If you’re buying audiences across different networks and exchanges, it’s a good practice to consider ad frequencies across those platforms.


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