Create an ad group

In DoubleClick Search, you can create one or more ad groups for a campaign. An ad group contains ads and keywords that relate to each other. Advertisers, or agencies on behalf of advertisers, must create at least one ad group for each campaign.

Create an ad group

Before you can create an ad group, there must be an existing campaign that you can assign it to.
  1. Navigate to a campaign.

  2. Click the Ad groups tab if it isn't already selected.

  3. In the toolbar above the reporting table, click + New ad group.
    The properties for the new ad group appear.

  4. Type the new ad group name in the Name field.

Click the following links to learn about ad group settings:

Default CPC (Google only)

You can select different default Cost Per Click (CPC) values for the Google Search Network and Display Network. These are the highest CPCs you're willing to spend on keywords in this ad group to appear on those networks.

Search bid and Content bid (Bing Ads)

In a Bing Ads ad group, you can specify two default maximum bids:

  • Search bid: The maximum cost-per-click for keywords in the ad group that are targeted to the search network (that is, keywords with a broad, phrase or exact match type).

  • Content match bid: The maximum cost-per-click set for keywords in the ad group that with the content match type.

Each keyword can override this default by specifying its own maximum CPC.

Search bid and Content bid (Yahoo!)

Set a default maximum bid for Sponsored Search keywords in this ad group.

Asia-Pacific only: If you selected the Enable content match check box at the campaign or ad group level, set a default maximum bid for Content Match in this ad group.

Start and end dates (Bing Ads only)

The start date is the date when the campaign begins running. If you specify a date in the future, you can edit the start date any time before that date.

You control how long your Bing Ads campaign runs by setting an end date. The ad group will run through the date that you select.

Bidding strategy

Specify bid strategy settings for the ad group:

  • Manual bidding: By default, keywords in the ad group will not be managed by a bid strategy, even if a bid strategy has been applied to the campaign that contains the ad group.
  • Manual bidding (inherited): By default, all keywords in the ad group inherit the campaign’s bid strategy settings.
  • A specific bid strategy: By default, all keywords in the ad group are managed by the specific bid strategy you select, regardless of any bid strategy settings for the campaign.

By default, keywords in an ad group inherit the ad group’s bid strategy settings. However, you can change or remove keywords from bid strategies at any time.

Language (Bing Ads only)

Select the language you'll use to write the ads for the ad group. For example, if you select English, your ads will need to be written in English. Once you create the ad group, you cannot change its language.

Targeting for Bing Ads

Targeting enables you select a more specific audience for your advertising. By default, ad groups inherit all targeting settings from the campaign. Bing Ads ad groups can override some or all of a campaign’s targeting settings and specify their own targeting. For example, if a campaign advertises to the fans of a specific sports team, you can create separate ad groups that target fans in specific locations or on specific devices.

While Bing Ads ad groups can override any targeting setting from the campaign, in DS you can only customize the following targeting settings:

  • Locations: Target ads in an ad group to appear only in specific countries, metro areas, or other regions that are identified by Bing Ads geographic codes.

    To override campaign settings and specify location targeting for the ad group:

    1. Under Targeting, select Customize targeting for this ad group.
    2. In the Locations list, select Customize for this ad group.
    3. Click Edit and enter one or more geographic codes in the Locations list. Enter each code on a separate line.
      Download a list of geo codes.
  • Devices: Target ads in an ad group to appear on any combination of desktop and laptop computers, tablets, or smartphones. You can also target ads to all available devices.

    To override campaign settings and specify device targeting for the ad group:

    1. Under Targeting, select Customize targeting for this ad group.
    2. In the Devices list, select Customize for this ad group.
    3. Click Edit.
    4. Select device types.

Bing Ads supports additional targeting settings for ad groups, such as negative location targeting, time-based targeting, gender targeting, and location-based bid adjustments. After you create a Bing Ads ad group in DS, you can go to Bing Ads and set these targeting settings.

Caution: If you set these additional targeting settings in Bing Ads, and then later change any targeting setting for the ad group from DS, DS will traffic all of the ad group’s current targeting settings to Bing Ads. This could have some unintended consequences. Learn more

Mobile bid adjustment (AdWords only)

You can set a mobile bid adjustment in DoubleClick Search (DS) at the ad group level for AdWords campaigns. This is useful if you have large campaigns and find that your optimal bids for some keywords would require much different mobile bid adjustments within a campaign. Read this AdWords blog post to learn more.

Mobile bid adjustments that you set at the ad group level will trump mobile bid adjustments at the campaign level except when the campaign level bid adjustments are set to -100%.

You can set ad group mobile adjustments in the DS UI or by upload.

In the DS UI:

  1. In the Mobile bid adjustment dropdown, the default is to use the campaign mobile bid adjustment. You can choose to:
    • Decrease by: Decrease bids on mobile devices by up to 100% (excluding 91% to 99%). Decreasing by 100% will disable mobile bids.
    • Increase by: Increase bids on mobile devices by up to 300%.
    • Use same bid for desktop and mobile

By upload:

  1. Download an editable report that contains the ad groups you want to update.

  2. Update the Mobile Bid Adjustment % column.

  3. Upload it back into DS.

Enable content match (Yahoo! Asia-Pacific only)

If you select this check box, the ad group's ads will appear on content pages such as articles, reviews, news, or other information relevant to your keywords, titles, and/or descriptions. Your ads will also continue to appear on the Yahoo! network for search queries related to your keywords.

This version of DoubleClick Search does not have reporting for Content Match ad groups. It will be available in a future release.