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Yahoo! Gemini engine accounts are migrating to engine track accounts

Starting March 2022, Yahoo! Gemini engine accounts within Search Ads 360 will be migrated to engine track accounts. In addition, in Search Ads 360, “Yahoo! Gemini” will appear in the UI as “Yahoo!”. Support for Yahoo! Japan is unchanged. While you will still be able to report on Yahoo! Gemini metrics and conversions in Search Ads 360, there are a few key changes that advertisers should be aware of:

  • Advertisers will no longer be able to edit existing Yahoo! Gemini campaigns or create new campaigns in Search Ads 360. Yahoo! Gemini campaign management must now be done directly in the Yahoo! engine UI (Yahoo! Gemini has been rebranded as Yahoo!).
  • Search Ads 360 bid strategies will no longer optimize Yahoo! Gemini campaigns.
  • Search Ads 360 rules that require campaign management capabilities (such as rules that change bids, budgets, or statuses) will no longer make changes to Yahoo! Gemini items. Rules that do not require campaign management capabilities (such as a rule that manages labels) will continue to make changes to Yahoo! Gemini items.
  • Going forward, Search Ads 360 will provide ad-level reporting by default. Yahoo! Gemini keyword-level reporting will be available through the Yahoo! engine UI.

What does this mean for you?

Beginning in March 2022, advertisers will see Yahoo! Gemini engine accounts migrated to engine track accounts within Search Ads 360.

  • You can continue to use Search Ads 360 for reporting. There shouldn’t be any gaps in reporting during the migration.
  • Work with your Yahoo! account representatives to send Yahoo! performance metrics so you can continue reporting on engine metrics in Search Ads 360.
  • If you create new Yahoo! campaigns, work with your Yahoo! account representatives to apply Search Ads 360 tracking templates and parameters. This will enable conversion tracking on these new campaigns in Search Ads 360.

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