Ad Exchange in DoubleClick for Publishers

Manage your Ad Exchange account in DFP

Ad Exchange product features for your primary Ad Exchange account are now available in DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP). If you have access to both DoubleClick for Publishers and Ad Exchange with the same Google account, sign in to DoubleClick for Publishers to get started.

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Why don't I see Ad Exchange features in my DFP network?
Access to Ad Exchange features in DFP is controlled by user role permissions. Contact your DFP network administrator to ensure the "Ad Exchange" user permission under "Access to DFP tabs" is enabled for the DFP user role associated with your DFP user account.

Access to Ad Exchange features in the Ad Exchange user interface is not controlled by DFP permissions.

Where to find Ad Exchange features in DFP

DFP section Ad Exchange features
If your network uses Ad Network Optimization, manage tags in the Ad Exchange user interface.

New user roles and permissions

You will now notice new permissions, two new built-in user roles in DoubleClick for Publishers and changes to custom user roles that contain active Ad Exchange users.

New Ad Exchange user role permissions

Below are the new permissions now available for DFP user roles. The "Ad Exchange" permission is the primary control for whether a user can see Ad Exchange features in DoubleClick for Publishers.

  • Define and deliver orders
    • View AdX experiments
    • Edit AdX experiments
  • Access to DFP tabs
    • Ad Exchange
The "Ad Exchange" permission displays all Ad Exchange interface features and settings in DoubleClick for Publishers. For example, users can access the "Billing" section in DFP to see Ad Exchange payments information, but will not see DFP billing information unless the specific DFP "Billing" permission is also granted.
The "Ad Exchange" permission is required to create and edit users or roles that contain these permissions.

New built-in user roles

  • Ad Exchange manager
    This user role contains active Ad Exchange users who did not have access to DoubleClick for Publishers on September 12, 2016.* Users within this role have access to all Ad Exchange features in DFP, but cannot create new Ad Exchange managers or access non-Ad Exchange features.

    New Ad Exchange users now need to be created in DFP by adding them to this user role.

  • Administrator (DFP only)
    This user role is intended to be used for any administrator who should not have access to Ad Exchange features and should not be able to create or edit roles that provide access to Ad Exchange features.

Changes to existing user roles

Any user in a custom or non-administrator DFP user role who had access to both Ad Exchange and DoubleClick for Publishers on September 12, 2016* has been moved into a copied user role with "and Ad Exchange manager" appended to the user role name. These new user role copies contain all of the original user role permissions plus the new Ad Exchange permissions.

For example, traffickers in DFP who also have access to Ad Exchange are removed from the “Trafficker” role and added to a new role called ”Trafficker and Ad Exchange manager.”
This also applies to custom roles. For example, if an Ad Exchange user is assigned to a custom DFP user role called “Trafficker EMEA,” that user is removed from "Trafficker EMEA" and added to a new user role called “Trafficker EMEA and Ad Exchange manager.”

* This date may differ for publishers who participated in the early-access beta phase of this feature.

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