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Rich media interaction reporting metrics

Rich media report metrics only apply to DoubleClick Studio creatives trafficked directly in DFP. If a DoubleClick Studio creative is trafficked in DFP through DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM) or another third-party system, DFP rich media report metric totals will be zero.

When you create or edit a query, you can select from the following rich media interaction metrics:

Total expansions
Number of times a rich media expanding ad reached an expanded state, and the total amount of time that the ad was in an expanded state. This event is counted only once per impression, while the time the ad remains in an expanded state is recorded as a total expansion time.
If an expanding ad is expanded by a user for 10 seconds, and then expanded by the same user a second time for 10 seconds, the number of expansions is recorded as one, and the total expanding time is recorded as 20 seconds. 

Average expanding time
Average amount of time, in seconds, that a rich media expanding ad is viewed in an expanded state. Any expansion times that exceed several minutes are capped. This rule prevents skewed results for average expansion time in reporting.
Interaction time
Total amount of time, in seconds, that a user interacted with a rich media ad. 
Rich media total interaction time = Rich media interaction time x Rich media interactive impressions
Total interactions
Total number of any non-impression events (exit links, movie loads, counter events, and timer events) that occurred when a user interacted with a rich media ad. This number is reached by adding up the sum of all counter events.
Interaction rate
Rate at which users interacted with a rich media ad. 
Rich media interaction rate = Rich media interactive impressions / Rich media impressions
Average interaction time
Average time, in seconds, that a user actively engages with an ad. For example, users could place their cursor over a game-like ad in order to scroll, click or otherwise interact with the ad for a prolonged period. 
Rich media average interaction time = Rich media total interaction time / Rich media interactive impressions
Interactive impressions
Number of rich media line item impressions that result in user interaction.
Manual closes
Number of times that a user manually closed a floating, pop-up, expanding, in-page with pop-up, or in-page with floating ad.
This metric isn't automatically tracked by rich media. You must ask your ad designer to add the necessary event function to a close button in order for this metric to be tracked.

Full-screen impressions
Measures the impression only once when a user opens an ad in full screen mode.
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