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View reports for MRC accredited metrics only

To report only on MRC accredited metrics you will need to apply filters to your reports, and perform some manual calculations. Learn more about metrics, dimensions, and MRC accreditation 

MRC accredited environments

MRC accredited metrics apply to the following ad types and environments: desktop display, desktop video, mobile app display, mobile app video, mobile web display, and mobile web video. You can do so by using the following dimensions and filters:

  • Platform > Inventory types: Web, App, or AMP
  • Platform > Device Category: Desktop, Feature Phone, Smartphone, or Tablet
  • Delivery > Creative Technology: Video for video ads (Inventory types: App or Web)

The following environments are not accredited:

  • Platform > Device Category: Connected TV for connected TV devices (Roku, Android TV, Apple TV and so forth)

Ad request source

You may also want to edit your report to include only MRC accredited traffic sources with the following filters:

  • Platform > Ad Request Source: Client-side​
  • Platform > Ad Request Source: Dynamic Ad Insertion​
  • Platform > Ad Request Source: Dynamic Ad Insertion API

Sources other than listed above are not MRC accredited.

Content source

For Cross-Sell networks, content originating from YouTube is not accredited. YouTube originating traffic will appear under the top-level ad unit of YouTube to <Publisher Name> shared. You can report on only MRC accredited content sources by adding a filter to exclude this ad unit. 

Measurement Source

You may also want to filter your report to only MRC accredited measurement sources.

You can filter your report by: 

  • Measurement source > Measured 

Active View metrics are accredited only when Measurement Source = "Measured" for video inventory.

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