Change to mobile app impression counting

Counting impressions when the creative is displayed on screen

Google Ad Manager counts app impressions in alignment with industry standards. An impression is counted when one or more pixels of the ad creative is visible on a device's screen.

Currently, Ad Exchange creatives, some Ad Manager creative formats, and Open Bidding use this methodology.

This impression counting methodology is compliant with MRC's count-on-download minimum standard and is the same methodology used by AdMob.

Timeline of changes

October 3, 2017

Ad Manager started using the new impression counting method for Ad Exchange creatives filled through Ad Manager, select Ad Manager creative formats, and Open Bidding (formerly known as Exchange Bidding).

All Ad Manager networks use the new methodology to count:

  • Ad Exchange mobile app impressions filled by Ad Manager.

  • Ad Manager native, interstitial, and video creatives served to mobile apps.

  • Open Bidding creatives served to mobile apps.

Counting for other Ad Exchange impressions requested directly from a mobile app, not through Ad Manager, are unaffected, even if the Ad Exchange account was linked to an Ad Manager network.

August 27, 2018

Ad Exchange ads requested from direct Ad Exchange tags in mobile apps use the new impression counting methodology.

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