If you'd like to know more about the Open Bidding feature within Ad Manager, please refer to these articles in the Ad Manager Help Center. For additional information about the Open Bidding product, please use the "?" icon on the top right hand side of your Open Bidding account.

Regulate requests with pretargeting

Decide which requests you want to receive

Open Bidding buyers can decide what types of requests to receive with pretargeting.

Set up a pretargeting configuration

  1. Sign in to Open Bidding.
  2. Click Inventory in the Pretargeting box.
  3. Enter config details, environment information, and update settings. For example:
    1. Geography: Choose whether you only want to receive Open Bidding requests from users in particular countries.

    2. Identity and Secure Signals: Choose whether you require a hosted match table entry, DoubleClick cookie, or device advertising ID in requests and also in Secure Signals.

    3. New publishers: Choose which Ad Manager or AdMob publisher networks can send you Open Bidding requests. If either Ad Manager or AdMob have automatic bid requests enabled, relevant publishers’ bidding statuses will default to Approved.

      Publishers who have a Pending status will not be automatically approved. Manually update these publishers' statuses to Approved or Rejected.

Update individual publishers

In “Publishers”, click each individual publisher to see their yield groups (for Google Ad Manager publishers) or mediation groups (for AdMob publishers) that are targeting you.

To update a publisher’s “Bidding status”, click on the existing state (PendingApproved, or Rejected) and 

  • Approved to receive requests

  • Rejected to disallow requests

If “New publishers” (either Ad Manager and/or AdMob) have automatic bid requests enabled, relevant publishers’ bidding statuses will default to Approved.

If Ad Manager and/or AdMob have automatic bid requests disabled, new publisher requests will default to Pending. While publishers are in a Pending state, you will not receive bid requests from this publisher.

You are required to update a Pending status for new publishers to Approved or Rejected within 2 business days. You cannot return to the “Pending” state, however, you can approve or reject a publisher at any time.

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