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Set pricing for everyone in Ad Exchange

Pricing enables you to identify who can buy your inventory and at which minimum CPM. In addition, you also have the option to override any lower priority rules which share the same targeting criteria. When you select to Set pricing for everyone (i.e., everyone = all buyers), the rule applies to an impression that matches the targeting criteria and the impression does not flow through to the rest of rules.

This Ad Exchange feature can also be accessed from within DFP. Learn more about Ad Exchange in DFP.


Set your pricing configurations for all buyers

  1. Click on the Rules tab.
  2. From the sidebar, click Open auction pricing.
    If you're accessing this feature from DFP instead of Ad Exchange, select Inventory and then Ad Exchange rules and then Open auction pricing.
  3. Click the appropriate syndication type sub-tab (for example, Display).
  4. Create a new rule or edit an existing one.
  5. Configure the targeting of your inventory.
  6. Select Set pricing for everyone.

    "Everyone" rules stop further evaluation for an impression. "Everyone" rules may include per-buyer/advertiser pricing as well.
  7. Decide whether to set a fixed CPM floor price or a target CPM, and enter the prices at which you want to sell your inventory in the fields provided:
    • Floor prices: The lowest winning bid must be at least as high as the floor price. To allow the system to optimize your revenue, we recommend setting the floor price to $0.00.
    • Target CPMs  (Beta)  : Floor prices on individual queries can be either higher or lower than the target CPM that you provide, but across multiple queries, the average CPM for your inventory will be higher than the target CPM. For users who are part of this beta, this is the default option for new pricing rules.

      If you're switching from floor prices to target CPMs, we do not recommend setting the target CPM higher than the existing floor price.

  8. Click the toggle to allow or block inventory by branding type.
    • Branded: The URL displays for buyers and advertisers.
    • Semi-transparent:
      • You can request to have URLs rewritten. If you set this configuration, we'll only share your domain (remove subdomain and path) with the buyer in the bid request.
      • Publisher ID is not included in the bid request.
    • Anonymous: The URL is hidden.

      If you decide to set up your rule so that advertisers can bid on it as both anonymous and branded, then you can enter one floor price or target CPM for each type of inventory.
  9. Remember to click Save.
    There is no current limit on the number of rules you can create.
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