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Add AdSense, Ad Exchange, or Display & Video 360 accounts

Don't see the options described below?

  • Your network might not be eligible to link accounts. Contact your account manager for more information. If you don't already have an Ad Exchange account, contact a sales representative or one of our partners to create an account.
  • Your user role doesn't have permission to view or edit these options. Contact your Ad Manager network administrator to link the accounts.

This allows buyers to access your inventory via AdSense or Ad Exchange line items.

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Admin and then Linked accounts.
  3. Click either AdSense and then New AdSense link  or  Ad Exchange and then New Ad Exchange link.
  4. Enter the web property code, which is the publisher ID associated with your AdSense or Ad Exchange account.

    When entering the code into Ad Manager, add a prefix to define the property type:

    • For display, add ca- (for example, ca-pub-1234567890)
    • For mobile apps, add ca-mb-app- (for example, ca-mb-app-pub-1234567890)
    • For video, add ca-video- (for example, ca-video-pub-1234567890)
  5. Enter a display name, which you'll select when you create an AdSense or Ad Exchange line item.
  6. Enter the contact email address that's used to sign in to AdSense or Ad Exchange.
  7. Enter the account verification details, such as the ZIP code or last five digits of the phone number associated with the AdSense or Ad Exchange account.
  8. Click Save.

Ad Manager may take a moment to validate the link. If successful, the new network will be displayed in the "Linked accounts" section with a "Pending" status. You can then enable the link.

Enable an Ad Exchange link
  1. In the Ad Manager network, click Linked accounts and then Incoming Ad Exchange.
  2. Click Enable access for the account you want to link.

To allow Ad Manager data to be used by Ad Exchange:

  1. Click Inventory and then Ad Exchange inventory and then Ad Manager: Networks.
  2. Select Allow data from seller's Ad Manager account to be used in Ad Exchange.
  3. Click Save.
Enable an AdSense link
  1. In AdSense, click  Menu .
  2. Click  Settings  and then Access and authorization and then Third-party access.
  3. Locate the request for your Ad Manager network and click Approve.

Settings for linked Ad Exchange accounts

Once you've enabled an Ad Exchange link, you can configure the linked account settings. To set up or edit these settings, click the account display name.

Display name: This name is intended to help traffickers in your Ad Manager network. This name does not need to match the official name of your Ad Exchange account.

Default for dynamic allocation: Only your primaryAd Exchange account can be marked as the default for dynamic allocation. Once enabled, this account is used for yield group delivery, programmatic guaranteed, First Look, and any other feature where Ad Exchange is delivered without an Ad Exchange line item.

Audience segments sharing: If your network uses Audience Solutions, you can share Ad Manager first-party segments with an Ad Exchange account. Third-party segments cannot be shared.

This allows you to share first-party audience segments with Ad Exchange or Display & Video 360 accounts.

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Admin and then Linked accounts.
  3. Click Audience extension.
  4. Enter your customer ID. For Authorized Buyers, this is the customer ID for your Authorized Buyers account. For a Display & Video 360 advertiser, this is the number located next to the advertiser name in the Display & Video 360 interface.

  5. Select either Ad Exchange or Display & Video 360 as the advertiser type.

  6. Click Save.

Link Google Analytics and Ad Exchange to view Ad Exchange data in Google analytics. To view already linked Google Analytics accounts, or to remove an account link from Ad Manager:

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Admin and then Linked accounts.
  3. Click Google Analytics.

Manage incoming Ad Exchange accounts

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Admin and then Linked accounts.
  3. Click Incoming Ad Exchange.
  4. To link an Ad Manager account, click Enable. To unlink an Ad Manager account, click Disable.

Incoming Ad Exchange account data in Ad Manager reports

Some information about transactions on inventory types linked to your network can be viewed in reports run by networks who own that inventory type.

  • "Historical" reports can show information about your network's ad serving activity on inventory types owned by the linked Ad Exchange account. This information might allow users to infer which impressions your network served on their inventory type.
  • "Ad Exchange historical" reports can show information about buyers or other third parties with whom you transacted on the linked inventory type.

At no time can information about your network's ad serving activity be seen by another network. Only networks that have linked inventory types to your network can see activity for its own inventory type.

Status Description
Active This Ad Manager account can use slot selection when creating backfill creatives because the association with this account has been validated.
Association not possible The web property code you entered was not the correct format.
Invalidated Ad Manager can no longer validate the information saved for this account because the information changed since it was originally validated.
Not associated Slot selection cannot be used to create backfill creatives for this account either because the account information is missing, or the link was disabled in AdSense or Ad Exchange.
Pending The account link needs to be enabled before slot selection can be used to create backfill creatives. Learn how to enable an AdSense link or enable an Ad Exchange link.
Refused This Ad Manager account cannot use slot selection when creating backfill creatives because the association with this account was refused. To use this account, make sure you submit the correct account information, then validate the association.

Audience segment sharing statuses

Status Description
Segments not shared The Ad Exchange or Display & Video 360 account has been approved, indicating that you can share your first-party Ad Exchange segments with Ad Manager.
Segment sharing not possible The Ad Exchange or Display & Video 360 account link has been saved, but it has not yet been approved. Sharing becomes possible once it's approved.
Segment sharing status unknown There was a problem linking your Ad Exchange or Display & Video 360 account with your Ad Manager account. For more details, contact your account manager.

Difference between a primary and linked Ad Exchange account

More than one Ad Exchange account can be linked to Ad Manager, but only one is your primary account.

  • Primary Ad Exchange account

    Ad Exchange accounts are managed in Ad Manager. The settings and reporting from your primary Ad Exchange account appear within the Ad Manager user interface and are used for select Ad Manager features, such as First Look and Exchange Bidding. Your primary account sometimes referred to as your "mapped" or "unified" account.

    Your primary Ad Exchange account can only be used to fill inventory if it's also added in the "Linked accounts" section. Only the primary account can be marked as "Default for dynamic allocation".

  • Linked Ad Exchange accounts
    While a single Ad Exchange account is recommended for each Ad Manager network, these secondary Ad Exchange accounts can be added for use as backfill inventory for line items. AdSense and Display & Video 360 accounts can also be linked.
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