What are creatives?

Creatives are ads that users see on your website or app

A creative is the ad users see on a webpage, app, or other digital environment. Creatives can be images, videos, and other formats that get delivered to users. In order to deliver an ad, the creative must be added to a line item. They can also be added to the creative library for later association to a line item.

Creatives are always associated with an advertiser. 

Creative types

There are various creative types you can add to your network, between video and display, depending on the ad experience your advertiser is trying to create. Learn more in Types of display creative and Types of video creatives.

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Good practice for hosted creatives

Some creative types are hosted directly in Ad Manager. Creatives hosted in Ad Manager can be up to 1MB in size. Larger creative files may increase page load times and may not represent the best user experience. Work with a professional to optimize creatives and the user experience for your website or app.

Follow industry guidelines for rich media creative. Review the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) guidelines as a starting point.

In all cases, you must adhere to the Google Ad Manager terms and conditions as well as creative policies.

Learn about adding creatives:

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