Add several users at once

Before users can sign in and access your Google enterprise services, they need a user account. There are several ways to add user accounts, including adding several at once from a spreadsheet, as described here.

Add several users from a spreadsheet

To add several user accounts at once

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console.
  2. Click Users.
  3. On the Users page, click and select the Create multiple users at one time option.
  4. Follow the instructions to upload a CSV (comma separated values) file listing the user accounts you want to create.

If you created an organizational structure, be aware that the bulk upload feature adds all new users to the top-level organization. If any of the users belong in a suborganization, you'll need to move the users after uploading them.

  • Be sure to save your table as a CSV file type.
  • All passwords must be at least eight characters.
  • To upload non-ASCII or double byte usernames, first save the CSV file in UTF-8 including BOM.
  • If you're uploading more than 500 user accounts, you can optimize the experience by splitting your uploads into smaller batches.
  • Remember that it can take up to 24 hours for new user accounts to appear in the searchable domain directory. You can also hide a user from the Google Apps Directory by changing the sharing options.
  • If you have an LDAP directory, you can use Google Apps Directory Sync to synchronize your user data with Google Apps.
Common errors

If you're having trouble uploading a user list, find the error message you received below for more information:

  • File errors:
    • Empty file -- your file contains no information
    • Invalid header -- the columns in your file should be titled Email Address, First Name, Last Name, and Password
  • User errors:
    • Line doesn't have 4 columns -- one of the column fields is empty
    • Reserved username -- certain accounts are reserved, and can't be created as usernames (example: abuse, postmaster)
    • validation -- an entry contains unacceptable characters
  • Creation errors:
    • User already exists -- you selected create only when uploading your user list, and included an existing username in your file
    • Internal error -- please try again later
    • Quota exceeded -- you do not have enough user space to create the accounts listed in your file
    • Formatting or other errors -- please visit our discussion board for quick answers from fellow administrators.
Time-saving tip

You can save time when you need to create and/or edit multiple accounts -- just save a user list in a spreadsheet for quick uploading. Important things to remember:

  • If you include an existing username in your file, the user's password, and first and last name will be updated.
  • Depending on the number of accounts you are creating, uploading this information will take time. You will receive an email report once the users have been created.
Format your file as a table and include headers to define each field, like this:

Cell A1: Email Address | Cell B1: First Name | Cell C1: Last Name | Cell D1: Password

Enter each user's information in the table and save the document type as CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv). If prompted to verify your selection, click Yes or OK.

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