About Google Cloud Directory Sync

With Google Cloud Directory Sync (GCDS), you can synchronize the data in your Google Account with your Microsoft® Active Directory® or LDAP server. GCDS doesn't migrate any content (such as email messages, calendar events, or files) to your Google Account. You use GCDS to synchronize your Google users, groups, and shared contacts to match the information in your LDAP server.

Benefits of using GCDS to sync data

How GCDS works

First, you set up rules to specify how the system generates a list of your data. During a sync, the list is exported from your LDAP server. GCDS connects to your Google Account and generates a list of users, groups, and shared contacts that you specify.

GCDS compares these lists and updates your Google Account to match the data. After the synchronization, you get an email report so that you can monitor the process.

Ready to begin?

Install and prepare GCDS

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