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G Suite Known Issues

Domain Administration & Billing Known Issues


For an overview of Admin Console tasks, see Use your Admin console.

Missing and/or outdated Google Drive data in the Admin console reports

Description: All reporting data for Google Drive exposed via the Admin console (on the "Reports" page), and the Reports API are subject to unavailability and/or delays. Please note that this issue does not affect the Drive audit log for G Suite Business customers.

Google login page is shown, instead of an SSO login page, for iOS users accessing web/mobile apps federated with G Suite via OAuth 2.0

Reported date: 31/01/2017

Description: iOS users accessing a web application or a mobile application authenticating users using Google login (OAuth 2.0) are no longer redirected to a third-party SSO login page. This is configured for the G Suite domain directly even if the G Suite domain is specified on the application's side.

Workaround: If user submits user name in Google login page, user is redirected to SSO login page.

Content Compliance rules with regular expressions sometimes don’t match on .xls attachments

Description: For advanced content matches, Content Compliance rules with regular expressions sometimes don’t match on .xls files. This issue may sometimes affect some other file types such as .csv.

A user's password length and strength are sometimes not updated in the Google Admin console when the password is changed

Description: After a user's password is changed, in some cases the new password length and strength are not updated in the Google Admin console.

A user's password strength and length are shown in:
Admin console > Users > User's Page > Security
Admin console > Security > Password Monitoring


Product Known Issues

  Gmail & Groups

See also Fix a problem in the Gmail Help Center.

Email log search shows "Pending review..." for groups delivery

Description: Email log search results show "Pending review by list moderators before list expansion" after a message has been rejected from the Groups moderation queue.

Workaround: To confirm message delivery for individual group members, include the recipient in the Email Log Search query.

Gmail Add-ons do not support domain-wide install

Description: At present Gmail Add-ons do not support domain-wide installation. Admins are not able to install a Gmail Add-on for their entire domain.

Domain-wide installs of Gmail Add-ons are coming soon. Until then, domain administrators can't install Gmail Add-ons just for their own accounts.


See also Contacts Help.

User Profile Photos Have Disappeared

Description: Users whose administrators have Photo Editability disabled will have their user-edited Profile Photo unlinked from their Profile. 


See Troubleshoot issues in the Google Calendar help center.

Deeply nested groups

Description: Google Calendar can take up to 48 hours to propagate changes in deeply nested groups to event permissions.

Missing email notifications from the creation of a new Calendar event

Reported date: 05/15/2017

Description: In rare cases, some users don’t receive email notifications when they’re invited to a new Calendar event.

Workaround: Organizations that experience this issue can avoid it by asking their users to do the following:

  • Don’t modify Calendar events immediately after creating them.
  • Disable the "Automatically decline events" setting.
  • Avoid adding both a large group (more than about 200 members) and a resource (for example, a conference room) at the same time when first creating a Calendar event.
  Drive and Docs editors

See also the Google Drive help center.

Templates not listed after submitting to the gallery

Description: Users trying to submit the same document as a new template will receive a message stating the template already exists. 

Workaround: Create a copy of the document, set it's visibility setting to either People at <your domain> can find and access or a more public option, and submit the copied document to the gallery.

In Google Sheets, importrange provides a way to circumvent a privacy option

Description: In Google Sheets, importrange is a way to circumvent the "Disable options to download, print, and copy for commenters and viewers" option.

Workaround: No workaround at this time.

Packaged Keynote, Pages, and Omnigraffle files show up as folders in Drive

Description: The OS X operating system identifies a group of files in a directory as a "package", although the package will appear as a single file when viewed in Finder or other OSX tools. Other operating systems like Windows and Linux do not support this type of package directory, and, currently, neither does Drive.

Workaround: While the files will appear as folders in Drive, they will display normally once opened

Google+ Chrome extensions return a 404 error

Description: Customers using Google+ Chrome extensions may experience a lack of functionality, or encounter a 404 error.

Workaround: No workaround at this time.


See also Fix problems with Hangouts.

Users with no profile picture have inconsistent display icons

In Hangouts Chat, if a user does not have a profile picture for their account, their user icon will sometimes appear with their initials, and sometimes as an anonymous icon.
Workaround: Ask the user to go to and add a profile picture to their G Suite account. As your organization's administrator, you can also upload a photo to a user’s profile

Hangouts Chrome extension does not support spell check

The Hangouts Chrome extension does not support spell checking.  
Spell check is supported by Hangouts web browser.
Some users are unable to initiate Hangouts with one or more contacts

Description: Some users are not able to initiate one-to-one conversations with a subset of their contacts list. Affected conversations must contain no messages and must have been idle for at least 10 days.

Workaround: No workaround at this time.

Hangouts displays "This party is over" within recurring meeting events for external users

Description: When there are multiple Calendar events with the same Hangouts video call link attached, the call will be available only to the external invitees of the first call. If an external user is invited to a named Hangout, but he was not invited to the previous call, the message "This party is over" will be displayed.

Workaround: Use a new meeting name when the list of invitees is different from the first meeting instance.

A subset of Google Talk messages may not be visible in chat history

Description: This issue pertains to a small subset of G Suite users who:

  • Currently use Google Talk (as opposed to Google Hangouts)
  • Have never previously upgraded to Google Hangouts and downgraded back to Google Talk
  • Have chat history enabled

For users who meet these criteria, it’s possible that chats sent and received from 11:00AM PST January 13 to 8:00AM PST January 21 are not visible in chat archives in Gmail or Google Vault.

To further clarify the scope of the issue, these chats were successfully sent to their intended recipients.

Workaround: This issue occurred within the timeframes listed above. Any chats since January 21 are visible as normal. We’re currently working on restoring the visibility of the affected Google Talk chats without causing any disruptions to the Google Talk, Gmail, or Google Vault services.


The reporting APIs available for classic Hangouts do not apply to Hangouts Meet.

Requests to the existing reporting API for Hangouts will not yield information related to Hangouts Meet.

Dial-in callers are limited to 3 hours

People who dial-in for audio-only access are dropped after 3 hours.

Workaround: When the call is dropped after 3 hours, dial back in to the meeting.

People can't hear an attendee who is using a MacOS computer

If people can’t hear you in a Hangouts Meet video meeting, make sure that your microphone is turned on. Click Mute to turn on your microphone.

If you are using a Mac computer and your microphone is on, but people still can’t hear you, try the following options. In some cases, Mac computer settings may prevent Meet from using the computer’s microphone.

  1. Unmute your device. Go to your device system settings and make sure your microphone is not turned off.
  2. Unmute yourself in Meet. At the bottom of the screen, click Muteto turn on your microphone.
    Tip: Other people can mute you, but can’t unmute you.
  3. In your Chrome browser, enter chrome://restart to restart Chrome and reset all Chrome apps and extensions.
  4. Restart your computer.

Learn more

Data migration & Device syncing

See also Use G Suite on mobile devices.

G Suite Migration for Microsoft Exchange

GSMME doesn't always adhere to the specified date range for IMAP migrations

Description: On occasion, GSMME doesn't adhere to the specified start and end dates when migrating email from an IMAP server. Instead of migrating messages from within the specified dates, GSMME will estimate (and then migrate) all the emails in the source account.

G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook

GSSMO doesn't return search results.

Description: GSSMO with Outlook running on certain versions of Microsoft Windows does not return search results. If you are affected by this issue, please apply the latest Microsoft Office updates. More information can be found at Outlook known issues in the June 2017 security updates specifically Issue #5.

Google Mobile Management

Google Apps Device Policy app on Android Wear 2.0 devices displays the error message "There was an unexpected error. Please unregister and re-register your account"

Description: Google Apps Device Policy app 8.22 on Android Wear 2.0 suddenly displays the error message: There was an unexpected error. Please unregister and re-register your account to fix the issue. Otherwise please contact your domain administrators."

Workaround: For those users who would like to continue using an Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch:

  • move users with Wear devices into a separate OU and change management level from Advanced to Basic for the respective OU, or set management from Advanced to Basic for the domain
  • add G Suite account back onto the Wear device and activate the Device Policy app again
  Google Classroom

How we define a Known Issue

We work on isolating and fixing every product issue that we're aware of. Some issues might not be listed here. We characterize known Issues as follows:

  • We can consistently reproduce an unexpected behavior.
  • Engineers are actively working towards a fix to correct the behavior.
  • The issue is observed globally and has generated a large number of support cases.

What's not a Known Issue

  • Product outages: Up-to-date outage information is posted within the G Suite Status Dashboard.
  • Feature Ideas: We'd love to hear your thoughts! Go ahead and file a Feature Idea.
  • Low impact issues: We're also working to fix low impact issues but might not list them here. If you think you might be impacted by an issue that's not listed here, you can contact us.

What to expect from a Known Issue

We intend to fix every issue listed in Known Issues. However, we can't guarantee timelines. In the meantime, we'll add available workarounds as we discover them. For questions or comments, contact us.

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