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" "  Drive

See also the Google Drive help center.

Packaged Keynote, Pages, and Omnigraffle files show up as folders in Drive

Description: The OS X operating system identifies a group of files in a directory as a "package", although the package will appear as a single file when viewed in Finder or other OSX tools. Other operating systems like Windows and Linux do not support this type of package directory, and, currently, neither does Drive.

Workaround: While the files will appear as folders in Drive, they will display normally once opened

Word document saved to DriveFS folder appears as a ZIP file in Drive

Description: Word documents that are saved to the DriveFS folder are appearing as ZIP files in Drive.

Workaround: Make a copy of the affected file in the Drive File Stream folder. The new file should correctly appear in Google Drive web.


Calendar  Calendar

See Troubleshoot issues in the Google Calendar help center.

Deeply nested groups

Description: Google Calendar can take up to 48 hours to propagate changes in deeply nested groups to event permissions.

Can't change event owner

Description: For large events (200 or more guests), you can't change the event owner, even if you have write access to the calendar. Also, each member of a group is counted as a guest. So if you invite a group with 200 members to an event, that event is considered large.
Contacts   Contacts

See also Directory Help.

Delegation support/the legacy Contacts UI is no longer integrated into Gmail

Description: The legacy Contacts UI is no longer integrated into Gmail, but is available at As a result, Gmail delegates no longer have access to the delegated contacts manager. To set up delegation in Contacts, see Give another user access to your contacts.

  • Delegation will continue to be supported going forward
  • The Contacts UI supports Contacts delegation when accessed in standalone mode
Contacts groups are not available to delegates

Description: We’ve identified that some users were dependent on delegates’ ability to manage Contact groups in the old version of Gmail delegation. This functionality has changed in the new version. Delegates are still able to view, create, and email individual contacts and groups of contacts when in delegated Gmail, but cannot modify or delete contact groups. As before, access to contacts and contact groups is available via the Contacts Picker, by clicking the “To” link in the Gmail “Compose” window. Generally, users who were previously using Gmail delegation to manage other aspects of contacts are encouraged to set up delegation within the Contacts product.

Gmail  Gmail  

See Fix a problem in the Gmail Help Center.

Video previews in Gmail don’t work

Reported date: 08/22/2018

Description: Video previews aren’t working in Gmail.

Workaround: Users need to download the video attachment and play the downloaded attachment.

New Gmail UI does not support Contact Delegation implicitly

Reported date: 09/11/2018

Description: Contacts delegate access was formerly granted implicitly in some scenarios, when creating delegates with Classic Gmail UI. With the launch of new Gmail UI however, contacts delegation must be explicitly granted. This change in product behavior has happened for security reasons.

Google Currents  Currents
Currents Chrome extensions return a 404 error

Description: Customers using Currents Chrome extensions may experience a lack of functionality, or encounter a 404 error.

Workaround: No workaround at this time.

" "  Groups ChatGoogle Chat

Occasionally some Google Chat activity isn't logged as expected

Learn more about the Google Chat audit log.
Workaround: none

Native apps on Windows and macOS do not support spell checking.

Google Chat native apps on Windows and macOS do not support spell checking.
Workaround: none
" "  Google Meet

The reporting APIs available for classic Hangouts don't apply to Meet

Requests to the existing reporting API for classic Hangouts won't give information related to Meet.

People can't hear an attendee who is using a macOS computer

Some Apple® Mac® computer settings might prevent Meet from using your microphone.


  1. Unmute your device.
    1. Go to your device system settings.
    2. Make sure your microphone is turned on.
  2. Unmute yourself in Meet: At the bottom of the screen, click Unmute "".
    Note: Other people can mute you, but can’t unmute you.
  3. On computers using Mojave® version 10.14 or later, let Chrome Browser and Firefox® access your computer’s microphone using the privacy settings.

    1. Go to System Preferences and then Security & Privacy.

    2. Select Privacy and then Microphone.
    3. Next to Google Chrome or Firefox, check the box.
  4. In a Chrome Browser tab, enter chrome://restart to restart Chrome and reset all Chrome apps and extensions.
  5. Restart your computer.

Learn more about additional options to unmute your computer.

Resources in different time zones can't be booked for all-day events

When a user adds a room or resource to an all-day event, it's scheduled in UTC, coordinated universal time, from midnight to midnight the next day, regardless of the room's time zone. This can cause the resource to be declined, even if it appears to be available.


When adding a resource in a different time zone, schedule the event for 24 hours instead of selecting All day.

Related topics

Classic Hangouts

See also Fix problems with classic Hangouts.

Users with no profile picture have inconsistent display icons

In classic Hangouts, if a user does not have a profile picture for their account, their user icon will sometimes appear with their initials, and sometimes as an anonymous icon.
Workaround: Ask the user to go to and add a profile picture to their account. As your organization's administrator, you can also upload a photo to a user’s profile.

Can't change profile photo with iOS app when both Google+ and Google Photos are disabled

If both Google+ and Google Photos are disabled in the admin console, users can't change their profile photo with the classic Hangouts iOS app.
Workaround: Users can use the classic Hangouts web interface ( to change their profile photo.

Classic Hangouts Chrome extension does not support spell check

The classic Hangouts Chrome extensiondoes not support spell checking.
Spell check is supported by
Some users are unable to initiate classic Hangouts with one or more contacts

Description: Some users are not able to initiate one-to-one conversations with a subset of their contacts list. Affected conversations contain no messages and have been idle for at least 10 days.

Workaround: No workaround at this time.

Classic Hangouts displays "This party is over" within recurring meeting events for external users

Description: When there are multiple Calendar events with the same classic Hangouts video call link attached, the call will be available only to the external invitees of the first call. If an external user is invited to a named hangout, but he was not invited to the previous call, the message "This party is over" will be displayed.

Workaround: Use a new meeting name when the list of invitees is different from the first meeting instance.

A subset of Google Talk messages may not be visible in chat history

Description: This issue pertains to a small subset of users who:

  • Currently use Google Talk (as opposed to classic Hangouts)
  • Have never previously upgraded to classic Hangouts and downgraded back to Google Talk
  • Have chat history enabled

For users who meet these criteria, it’s possible that chats sent and received from 11:00AM PST January 13 to 8:00AM PST January 21 are not visible in chat archives in Gmail or Google Vault.

To further clarify the scope of the issue, these chats were successfully sent to their intended recipients.

Workaround: This issue occurred within the timeframes listed above. Any chats since January 21 are visible as normal. We’re currently working on restoring the visibility of the affected Google Talk chats without causing any disruptions to the Google Talk, Gmail, or Google Vault services.

Presentations appear blank when sharing a window

When sharing a window in Meet, if you play a Microsoft PowerPoint or Keynote presentation in the shared window, the slideshow appears blank to other viewers. This is because choosing 'Play' or 'Slide Show view' shows the presentation in full screen mode, and you're only sharing a window.

Workaround: Share your whole screen before launching a presentation in Play or Slide Show mode.



For an overview of Admin Console tasks, see Use your Admin console.

Some types of data aren't supported by the Data Export tool

Data Export provides export functionality for Google Workspace Core Services. However, the export may not include everything you'd expect, so please review this information carefully. Some of the known limitations (not an exhaustive list) are listed below. Certain data currently must be exported through alternative means, as available.

We'll update this article to notify you about any changes to this Data Export tool.

The Data Export tool currently doesn't support:

Please contact Google Cloud Support for further clarification or assistance.

Content Compliance rules with regular expressions sometimes don’t match on .xls attachments

Description: For advanced content matches, Content Compliance rules with regular expressions sometimes don’t match on .xls files. This issue may sometimes affect some other file types such as .csv.

You can't move users into an organizational unit that has a '/' in its name

Description: Moving a user, or an organizational unit, into another organizational unit will fail if the destination organizational unit has a '/' in its name.

Workaround: Before moving a user or organizational unit into another organizational unit that contains a '/' in its name, rename the destination organization unit and remove the '/'.

Unable to delete Google Workspace account - Error Message: “You have active projects in Google Cloud Platform.”

Reported date: 31/07/2020

Description: The Admin console prevents Google Workspace account deletion when there is still active usage of Cloud resources (projects, folders, etc.) associated with that account.

Note: Before deleting projects, reach out to their owners as they might be running your user’s or an external client’s applications. Deleting projects can lead to client app production failure on the Google Cloud Platform project on which the app is running.

Workaround: Before deleting a Google Workspace account, the super admin must first delete all associated GCP projects and folders. If you want to find resources associated with your Cloud organization, see Google Cloud Platform. The super admin will need the Organization Administrator, Folder Admin and Project Deleter Role to modify project and folder resources.

You might see a blank window when trying to manage shared drives

Reported date: 09/03/2018

Description: You might see a blank window when trying to manage shared drives.

Manage shared drive users in the Admin console > Apps > G Suite > Drive and Docs > Manage shared drives (subject to edition availability).

Workaround: Make sure the admin has a Google Workspace license that includes shared drives. Ensure the Drive and Docs service is enabled.

  Billing Migration tool known issues  Data migration and sync 
Calendar resources added using the Outlook address book don't sync with GSSMO

Description: If you add resource calendars and resource calendar-rooms from the Outlook address book, permissions aren't assigned to the Outlook calendar resources. Then, if a calendar event is created in Google Calendar and synced using GSSMO, the event doesn't appear in the Outlook calendar.

Workaround: A resource calendar can only be added using the Google Calendar web UI. For the recommended way to add a resource-room-calendar, go to adding calendar resources using Google Calendar.

GCDS keeps trying to create an already existing user

Description: The issue is seen with Google Cloud Directory Sync (GCDS) under one of the following conditions:

  • You have a member whose primary LDAP address is an alias address in Google Workspace.
  • A user account has the same username for 2 alias addresses (for example, and and you have enabled SUPRESS_DOMAIN.

When you run a sync, you’ll see a "Duplicate entry found for address" error. The message reports that the error relates to the Google user, rather than its alias address.

School Directory Sync syncs only with primary domains
Google School Directory Sync does not support secondary domains. When configuring the users.csv file for School Directory Sync (SDS), use the primary domain for teacher and student email addresses.
  Vault   Device syncing


" "  Docs

See the Docs Help Center.

Forms  Forms Keep  Keep " "  Sheets

See also the Sheets Help Center.

In Google Sheets, importrange provides a way to circumvent a privacy option

Description: In Google Sheets, importrange is a way to circumvent the "Disable options to download, print, and copy for commenters and viewers" option.

Workaround: No workaround at this time.

In Google Sheets, importrange counts towards the item sharing limit

Description: In Google Sheets, importrange counts the sheet being shared against the maximum sharing limit allowed for documents, even though it's only sharing information with another document.

Workaround: No workaround at this time.

In Google Sheets, cell data may disappear

Description: In very rare circumstances, a cell's data may disappear from the current version of a sheet.

Workaround: You can recover the missing data by viewing the cell's edit history.

Sites  Sites   Classic Sites
Deeply nested groups

Description: Google Sites can take up to 48 hours to propagate changes in deeply nested groups to access permissions.

Slides  Slides



See the Google Classroom Help Center.

Teachers receive a 502 error when downloading grades for large classes

Description: Teachers receive a 502 error when downloading all grades to a CSV file for a class
with more than 100 stream items and 100 students.
Workaround: No workaround at this time. 

How we define a Known Issue

We work on isolating and fixing every product issue that we're aware of. Some issues might not be listed here. We characterize known Issues as follows:

  • We can consistently reproduce an unexpected behavior.
  • Engineers are actively working towards a fix to correct the behavior.
  • The issue is observed globally and has generated a large number of support cases.

What's not a Known Issue

  • Product outages: Up-to-date outage information is posted within the Google Workspace Status Dashboard.
  • Feature Ideas: We'd love to hear your thoughts! Go ahead and file a Feature Idea.
  • Low impact issues: We're also working to fix low impact issues but might not list them here. If you think you might be impacted by an issue that's not listed here, you can contact us.

What to expect from a Known Issue

We intend to fix every issue listed in Known Issues. However, we can't guarantee timelines. In the meantime, we'll add available workarounds as we discover them. For questions or comments, contact us.

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