Understand your bills and charges

Applies to G Suite, Cloud Identity Premium, and other paid services managed in the Google Admin console.

For Google Drive Enterprise, see How billing works for Drive Enterprise.

If you purchased your service from a reseller, go here instead |  Do I have a reseller?

This article helps you understand your Google service bills and payments.

When you're billed

Example of prorated billing cycleWhen you sign up for G Suite or the premium edition of Cloud Identity, you get a 14-day free trial. When your paid subscription begins, your primary payment method is charged at the beginning of the following month. Each month, you're billed for the days your organization used the service during the previous month.

If the end of your trial and beginning of your billing cycle includes a partial month, you're billed only for the days in that month that are part of your paid subscription. This partial payment can happen, for example, after your free trial (Month 2 in the illustration below) or if you add an extra service in the middle of a billing period.

Note: Google uses Pacific Time to calculate the billing period for all customers, regardless of their time zone.

Domain registration billing

If you purchased your domain while signing up for your service, you're charged for the full one-year domain registration amount right away. You’re automatically charged again when it’s time to renew your domain.

Note: Unlike your service charges, which are monthly, domain registration renewal happens annually. This means that you'll be charged a higher amount on your invoice once per year when your domain registration renews.

Understand your costs

In your statement, charges for G Suite and Cloud Identity Premium services that are managed in your Google Admin console appear as GSUITE_{yourdomain_abbreviated}.

The amount you pay depends on a number of factors:

  • (G Suite only) Your G Suite edition, which determines the services and features available to you. For details, see Compare G Suite editions.
  • Your payment plan:
    • The Flexible Plan charges for the number of users you have in a given month.
    • The Annual Plan charges you for the exact number of licenses you signed up for through a yearly commitment. You’re charged each month for one month's portion of your annual charge. 
  • The number of licenses you purchased or users you have, which depends on your billing plan:
    • With the Flexible Plan, you pay for as many users as you have each month. You can add and remove users at any time. Suspended users are charged at the same rate as active users.
    • With the Annual Plan, you pay each month for a month's portion of the licenses you signed up for. You can add more licenses to your commitment at any time, but you can only reduce the number of licenses when it’s time to renew your plan. 
  • Charges for additional services. The following subscriptions are managed from your Google Admin console and might incur additional charges:

Understand your balance

See your balance in the Google Admin console. For details, go to View your account balance.

We constantly update your balance to reflect your organization’s day-to-day service usage. The balance amount combines your total credits and debits, plus any outstanding balance.

Your balance = Debits and credits to date
(Current billing cycle)
+ Outstanding balance
(Pending payments)

If your balance shows:

  • A positive amount—This amount is how much you owe.
  • A negative amount—You have a credit in your account. If you leave the funds in your account, we'll apply them to your next automatic payment. You can also request a refund.

Not sure what you’re being charged for? Check your transactions.

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