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I don’t recognize a Google charge

Charges for Google Workspace services depend on a number of factors—the type of subscription your organization has, the number of users, and so on. Charges on your statement for Google Workspace, Essentials, and Cloud Identity Premium look like this:

GOOGLE *GSUITE_{abbreviated domain name}

If you don’t recognize a charge, it could be due to multiple subscription accounts or charges for other Google services.

I see multiple charges that look the same

If you see multiple charges that look the same, it could be because you have 2 subscription accounts. Payments for multiple accounts—even if they share the same method of payment—appear as separate charges. If you have more than one Google Admin console to manage your services, you have separate billing accounts (more than one subscription).

You might have multiple accounts and Admin consoles if you see:

  • Duplicate charges from GOOGLE GSUITE_
  • Amounts in your invoice and statement that don’t match

To access billing details for a different subscription (Admin console) account, use your super administrator username and password to sign in to the Admin console with the other account. Then, verify if the charges from each account match your statement. If you still have questions about GSUITE_ charges, contact support.

I see an unidentified charge I don’t recognize

If you have a Google *Tempor charge on your bank account, this is a pending transaction. For details, go to Understand Google charges on your bank statement.

If you’re setting up an Indian credit card as your primary payment method, Google needs to verify your payment method before we can start charging it.

We verify by placing a small amount on hold on the card. This is called an authorization and is removed after the card is verified. For more information, see Verify credit card (India).

I see Google payments I don’t recognize

Some Google services—for example, Google Ads, Google Play, and Google Voice—are managed outside of your Admin console. Any purchases you make from these additional Google services are not supported by the Google Workspace or Cloud Identity teams. For payments you don’t recognize:

  1. Verify if they’re coming from another Google service. For details, go to Understand Google charges on your bank statement.
    You can also check your Google Pay purchase history.
  2. For help understanding a charge, contact the appropriate Google product team.
  3. If you can't identify your purchase, report an unauthorized charge.

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