Modify your payment schedule

Applies to G Suite, G Suite Essentials, and other paid subscriptions in your Google Admin console.

As your organization’s administrator, you can modify the timing of your Google subscription payments. You can pay for a year of service or change your payment date.

Pay for an entire year

Not applicable for G Suite Essentials.

There are 2 ways you can pay for your organization’s subscription for the entire year:

  • Pay early for the year—You can add credit to your organization’s billing account to cover charges for the year. For details, see Make a manual payment.
  • Contact a partner—A Google partner can offer different options on how you pay for your services. For more information, contact a partner from our directory.

Pay on a different date

You’re charged for Google services between the 1st and the 5th of each month. To pay on a different date, you can:

  • Pay in advance—Google uses any available credit to pay subscription charges before charging your primary payment method. For details, see Make a manual payment. This doesn't change your ongoing payment date.
  • Contact a Google partner—Partners can offer different ways to pay for your services, including paying on a different date once or changing your ongoing payment date. To find out what your options are, contact a partner from our directory.

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