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Add features and manage conversations in Google Groups

These features require turning on Groups for Business.

You can use the Google Groups app to add the following features to any of your organization's groups. You can also manage a group's conversations and members in Google Groups. 

Where do I do this? You perform all these tasks using Google Groups, not your Admin console. 

Admins can manage any group

As a Groups administrator, you have owner privileges for all groups in your organization. As a result, you can perform all tasks listed below for any of your organization’s groups, whether or not you created the group.

Visit the Learning Center

Steps for using Google Groups to perform tasks listed below are at the Google Workspace Learning Center. Click links below for a specific task. Or visit the Learning Center at Google Groups training and help.

Group identity & email options

Add a welcome message to a group

A group's welcome message appears in Google Groups, below the group name on the group’s conversation list.

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Set up auto replies for a group

Auto replies are messages sent automatically when people email the group. These replies let senders know their messages have been received. You can set up different auto replies for different types of users.

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Add a subject prefix to identify group messages

Make it easy for users to identify group messages in their email inboxes by automatically adding a prefix to each of the group's posts.

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Add a footer to a group’s email

For a group’s outgoing messages, you can include a standard Groups footer, a custom footer, or both.

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Set the group email language

A group’s email language is used for system-generated text, such as in email digests and footers.

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Group access & roles

Choose who can see your groups

Choose whether to make your groups visible to organization members only or anyone on the web. You can also can also limit group visibility to group members only if you use your Admin console to enable hiding groups for your organization.

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Set who can manage a group’s conversations or members

Control who can view a group’s conversations, send messages to the group, moderate conversations, or manage members, by assigning members a role. You can also open up some of these tasks to non-members, or even to everyone on the web. 

Whether you can allow public access to groups depends on organization-wide policies set in your Admin console.

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Change permissions for a group’s default roles

Change what owners, managers, and members can do in your group, such as approve messages, view members, or delete posts. 

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Create a custom role for a group

If you want a role that’s different from the default roles, create a custom role.

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Group conversations

Make a group a Collaborative Inbox

Use a group to assign conversations to group members, then track the status of a response. Group members with the correct permissions can assign and manage conversations together.

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Show or hide a group’s conversation history

Turn on conversation history for a group so that members can view posts in Google Groups at any time. 

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Post a message to the group

Start or join conversations in a group by posting a new message or responding to posts at Google Groups.

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Moderate a conversation

Review messages before they’re sent to the rest of the group, then approve or block the message.

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Search, filter, and label group content

Search for groups and content, or filter conversations in a group by author, subject, before and after date, and other options. You can also make it easier to search for posts by giving them labels.

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Lock a conversation

Lock a conversation in a group to block all replies to posts and other future activity.

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Mark or delete spam in a group

Mark or delete group content that contains spam. Or mark an entire group as spam.

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Add features using the API

You can also use the Groups Settings API to add features to your organization's groups. Use of the API requires programming knowledge.

Access the Groups Settings API

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