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Make a group a Collaborative Inbox

If Google Groups isn't available in your work or school account, ask your administrator to turn on Groups for Business. ""

Group owners and managers can make any of their groups a Collaborative Inbox, where group members can take and assign conversations and perform other collaboration tasks. 

For advanced collaboration, set up delegated accounts in Gmail, where you can share inboxes among 40—1,000 users. For details, see Delegate and collaborate on email.

How it works

Members of a Collaborative Inbox group who have the correct permissions can:

  • Take a conversation they volunteer to respond to.
  • Assign responsibility for a conversation to another group member.
  • Mark a conversation as complete, duplicate, or no action needed.
  • Search for conversations according to resolution status or assignee.

Step 1: Create a group

Create the group you want to use as a Collaborative Inbox. Then add the members who will assign and track conversations. 

Get steps at Create a group.

Step 2: Turn on Collaborative Inbox features

To enable Collaborative Inbox features, you must turn on conversation history. For details, see Turn conversation history on or off.

  1. Sign in to Google Groups.
  2. Click the name of a group.
  3. On the left, click Group settings.
  4. Under Enable additional Google Groups features, select Collaborative Inbox.

Step 3: Assign permissions

For users to take advantage of Collaborative Inbox features, group owners or managers must give them the correct permissions:

Task Permission required
  • Take a conversation
  • Assign or unassign a conversation
  • Mark a conversation as completed
Who can moderate metadata
  • Mark a conversation as duplicate
  • Mark a conversation as no action needed
Who can moderate content

For details, visit Set permissions for managing a group.

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