YouTube Video Editor

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With the Video Editor, you can:

  • Combine multiple videos and images you've uploaded to create a new video
  • Trim your clips to custom lengths
  • Add music to your video from a library of approved tracks
  • Customize clips with special tools and effects

You can get to the Editor at

Using these tools, you can put together clips to create new videos and publish them to YouTube with one click.

Here's how to access the Video Editor:

  1. Sign in to your YouTube account
  2. Click the Upload button at the top of the page
  3. Click Edit on the right of the upload page, under "Video Editor"
Adding clips

All of your uploads are added automatically to the Video Editor and can be used as a clip. Up to 50 clips and 500 images can be added to a project to create a new video.

Here's how to add a video clip or image.

  1. Find the clip or image you want to add in the upper left of the Editor. Click the camera icon to browse images
  2. Move your mouse over the clip/image you want to add, then click the + button
  3. Or, drag the clip/image to the bottom of the timeline at the bottom of the editor, where it says Drag videos here to begin editing when you start a new project
Trim, lengthen, and cut clips

Once your clip is in the timeline, you can customize its length.

  • Trim: Cut the length of your clip by moving your cursor over the edges of your video in the timeline. Drag the handles toward the center of the video to shorten.
  • Lengthen: Drag the handles outward from the center of the video to lengthen. Lengthening past the original length of the video will result in the video repeating.
  • Cut/Snip: Clips can be cut into portions. Move your mouse over the video and click the scissors icon to bring up the snip marker. Move this to where you want to snip the clip, then click on the scissors button to snip the clip.
Customize and add effects

Here are some tweaks and enhancements you can make to clips.

  • Rotate: Rotates your video 90 degrees
  • Effects: Apply Video Enhancements to your video to color correct, stabilize, and add filters
  • Text: Apply a text overlay on the clip
  • Slow Motion: Modify the speed at which the clip plays

Move your mouse over a clip to bring up any of these options.

Adding music, customizing volume

Customize volume

You can set volume levels for each clip in your project. Hover over a clip in your timeline and find the volume slider. Adjust the slider to lower the volume on the clip or music track.

Add music

You can add a new audio track to your video. Click the music note button in the upper left of the editor to bring up YouTube's library of pre-approved songs.

Browse the tracks by searching or filtering by artist and genre. When you've found a song you like, drag it to the timeline. Multiple tracks can be added to a project by dragging the song into the timeline.

Songs, like clips, can't overlap - they can only come before or after each other.

The audio from an added track will overlap replace your clips’ original audio by default. To customize the volume at which an audio track plays over your clips, adjust the volume slider to at the far right of the name of the track to your preferred setting.

When you're done creating your project, click Publish to upload the project. Check Video Manager to make any other changes.

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