Check your latest video's performance

Check YouTube Studio and YouTube Analytics to find out how your recent upload is performing. Get stats, snapshots, and helpful insights to measure your video’s success.

YouTube Studio dashboard

The YouTube Studio dashboard shows how your newest video upload is performing compared to your previous videos. It’s typically available a few minutes after publishing, though some metrics may take up to 3 hours to be included. To see your dashboard, just go to Learn more about how to use the YouTube Studio Dashboard.

YouTube Analytics

The various tabs in YouTube Analytics can give you a quick performance overview of whichever video you’ve selected. Use them to compare your most recent video against your previously uploaded videos.

Tip: When comparing video performance, be sure to look at the same time frame since the videos were each published for a fair comparison.

“Since published” date range

When you look at an individual video’s analytics, the default date range is “Since published”. This shows you how your video is performing since it was published. You’ll also see a grey line or region showing either the typical performance of your videos after publishing or the average of your other videos in that timeframe. Hover over the line to see more details on the comparison. Most of the metrics you see in the key metrics chart are displayed in real time.


YouTube Analytics will sometimes display short messages that tell you how your latest video is performing. These insights also give you possible reasons for changes in performance. These messages will show for 72 hours and then disappear until you upload a new video. Insights are not available for premieres or livestreams.

Realtime activity

The Realtime activity report is found on the Overview tab of Analytics and gives you an overview of how many views your video is currently getting, as well as where your video's traffic is coming from. You can see the Realtime activity report for your entire channel or for a specific video.

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