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Get your device repaired

Devices have support options for in-warranty and out-of-warranty damage. Options for mail-in and walk-in depend on your device, its warranty status, and your location.

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Start your repair

Important: These steps are only for the countries and regions below. If you're in a different country or region, contact Google Support for repair options.

Device Countries & regions with mail-in repair options Countries & regions with walk-in repair options
Pixel Phones Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, and United States

Pixel Tablet

Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States None
Pixel Watch (Pixel Watch 2 and later) Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States None
  1. Start the repair process at the Google Store repair center in a supported country or
  2. Enter your device's IMEI or serial number.
  3. On the next screen, confirm that the IMEI or serial number matches the device that you want repaired and then Select Continue
  4. Select the issues that apply to your device and then Select Continue.
  5. On the next screen, learn what issues are covered.
    • Tip: Repairs can't be carried out only for select damages if the device has more damages present. All the damages to the device, whether in-warranty or out-of-warranty, have to be repaired. Please select all damages to the device, even if you previously did not intend to report them. You'll be charged for any out-of-warranty repairs.
  6. Select your repair option: Walk-In or Mail-In.

Find your device identifier

Send your device for repair

Choose your preferred repair service. Walk-in service is only available for phones. Before you bring your phone in for repairs, back up data and remove the SIM card. For eligible Pixel phones, you may enter Repair Mode. Otherwise, factory reset your phone.

Back up data

On your device, make sure to back up your data and remove identifiers:

Factory reset your device

Factory reset your device, if necessary. A factory reset deletes all data saved on your device. If you can't factory reset your device, log out of your Google Account on the device.

If you can't factory reset your device before you bring it to a repair partner, they'll reset it for you.

Option 1: Take your device for repair (walk-in)

Important: Walk-in repair options are only available for phones.

Step 1: Find the nearest authorized service provider
  1. Before you bring in your device for repair, start a repair request.
  2. Select Walk-In as your repair option. On the next screen, enter your zip code to find your nearest repair locations.

Before you take your item to a Google retail shop, review the in-store repair Terms of Service.

Step 2: Bring in your device

Bring your device to your nearest repair partner after you do a backup and a factory reset.

The repair partner checks your warranty status, inspects your device for damage, and gives you the repair cost. Many repairs can be done on the same day.

  • For in-warranty devices or damage, there's no charge for the repairs.
  • For out-of-warranty devices or damage, prices may vary.

If damage is found during inspection that increases the repair cost, the partner will tell you. You must approve the new cost before repair can start. Partial repairs aren't available. Learn more about the repair process.

Step 3: Pick up your device

Once your repair is complete, you'll be notified that your device is ready for pickup.

Option 2: Send your device for repair (mail-in)

Step 1: Review repair cost

You must start a repair request to get repair costs.

Warranties and repair costs:

  • For in-warranty devices or damage, there’s no charge for the repairs.
  • For out-of-warranty devices or damage, the estimated repair cost is on the last page before you create your order.

Important: Confirm the address in the repair center is correct. You won't be able to edit the address once you've finished the order.

Step 2: Choose your delivery packaging

Choose how to package your device for mail-in repair:

  • Prepaid packaging: Prepaid packaging can take up to 2 business days to arrive. Packaging is padded to protect the device. Use the instructional email to print out the attached delivery label and RMA slip to send the device.
  • Your own packaging:
    • To send the device, use the repair order email to print out the:
      • Attached delivery label.
      • Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) slip.
      • Battery safety label (US only).
    • If you choose this option, you’re responsible for any damage that might occur to your device in transit. Make sure to package your device securely to reduce the risk of damage during transit. After your device is repaired, the repair center will ship it back to you in sturdy, padded packaging.
Step 3: Pack & send your device

Carefully pack your device and send it for repair. Before you send your device, remember to back up your data and do a factory reset.

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