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Remove a feed or feed label

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If you’re looking for information on how to manage your data sources in Merchant Center Next, click here.

To remove a feed, click Products in the navigation panel in your Merchant Center account. Then, click Feeds. Product data that has been removed or deleted from your Merchant Center account may take up to one hour to reflect in your ads and free listings. If you have enabled a scheduled fetch for the deleted feed, the fetch will not take place until the feed is recreated.


Remove a feed

  1. Hover over the feed you'd like to delete.
  2. Click the delete iconDelete that appears in the row for your feed.

The feed will be removed from your list in the Feeds section. Deleting a feed will remove all of the products that are submitted as product data in the feed. If you’re replacing an old feed with a new feed that contains similar product data, the new feed should be uploaded before you remove the old feed. This allows the item IDs and associated history to transfer to the new feed.

If you'd like to remove a specific product from your product data, go to the List section.

Feed labels

Previously feeds could have multiple feed labels and language combinations (“data-targets”). In the future, a feed will only be able to have a single data target. Feeds that have multiple combinations of a feed label and language will now be regrouped into feeds that each have only one combination of feed label - language data target.

A feed label can only be removed by deleting and recreating the feed

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