Pull performance report

The Pull performance report helps you understand how your price feed is performing. If you are a Push or Hint partner, view the Push and Hint version of this article.

Alert: Query control messages were discontinued on June 7, 2018. After that date, partners have maximum default itinerary settings of 330 days advanced booking window and 30-day length of stay. If your system doesn't support 330x30, please contact your technical account manager.

Pull performance

In this section you can see how well cached price fetching and live query are working. The "Detailed Live Query Performance Info" menu can be expanded.

If the value of your pull performance is anything other than 'Excellent,' please check with your engineering team and your technical account manager to see what might be done to improve performance.

About Live Query performance

Live Queries are requests from Google for real-time pricing in response to user searches.

Live Queries are typically used when:

  • No cached data for the search exists, like in the case of an itinerary far in the future or a hotel that is infrequently searched for
  • The user specified a date in their search

Learn more about Live Queries


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