See your hotel prices

You can see your hotel prices, including base rates, fenced/conditional rates, price history as well as any price inaccuracy samples, on the “Price list” page in Hotel Center.

Price history, rates, and accuracy samples

From the “Price list” page, you can also see your price history, including what you had previously charged for the hotel stay by itinerary. In addition to base rates and all rates, you can also see conditional rates (previously “fenced rates”), which are rates determined by a user's country or device when booking a hotel. Use the following steps to see your hotel prices:

  1. Sign in to your Hotel Center account.
  2. Search for your hotel ID or hotel name in the search bar, and click on the hotel.
  3. Select View all prices in the “Ad preview” card.

On the “Price list”, page you'll also see the following tabs:

  • Base rates: The base price for the selected itineraries. If you did not provide the base price for the itinerary, a blank value will be displayed. Base prices of "-1" will show a value of "N/A".
  • All rates: Conditional rates for country, device, signed-in status, and other factors.
  • History: The price update history for the selected itinerary.
  • Accuracy samples: Any price (matched or mismatched) samples between your price feed and what appears on your landing page.
Note: This page is disabled if there are no samples to display.
Column name Description
Received The date and time stamp when the price was retrieved.
Total The total price for the selected itinerary.
Base rate The base price for the selected itinerary.
Taxes + fees Additional taxes and fees added to the base price.
Currency The currency designation for the base price and taxes and fees.
Rate rule ID Any configured conditional or private rates referenced in the transaction message.
Rate plan ID A custom identifier defining a specific room bundle combination.
Available The availability of the property for the given itinerary.
Pay at property A value of "No" indicates that the user pre-paid for the hotel stay, or paid a deposit.
All-inclusive Whether the prices included taxes and fees.
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