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Note: You are viewing an article about the Hotel Center. Going forward, the Hotel Center will replace the Hotel Ads Center as the primary feeds interface for your Hotel Ads. If you are still using the Hotel Ads Center, learn more about making the transition to the new Hotel Center experience

The hotel list page shows your complete list of hotels as well as errors from matching your feed data with Google's canonical list of hotels from Maps. Use it to help you fix issues with missing, incorrect, or incomplete data. If the information from your feed data doesn’t match Google Maps, you’ll have to access the Matching report to fix issues. Learn more about how to manually fix issues with your feed data.

To use Hotel list:

  1. Log in to your Hotel Center account.
  2. Click Properties to view your hotel list.

Once you upload your hotel list, your data will be analyzed and Google will try to match your hotel information with Google Maps. The console will show you a summary of the information as well as a table with your hotel list.


The summary shows the total amount of properties, as well as the number of properties that match the information from Google Maps. It will also show:

  • number of properties that overlap on the map
  • number of properties that have data issues
  • date and time when the hotel list was most recently updated

To fix match errors, click Fix map issues. This will take you back to the matching report.

Hotel list table

The Hotel list table is displayed under “Summary” and contains all your hotel information. The table is divided into 4 tabs for easy navigation.

All Hotels

Shows your complete and most recently uploaded list of hotels.

Column name Description
Hotel ID The unique identifier for the hotel property.
Name The name of the hotel property.

Name on Google

The name of the hotel property as it appears on Google.
Price coverage The percent of cached prices available for a 330x30 booking window.
Match status Current status of your hotel and whether it’s successfully matched to an existing hotel location on Google Maps. An unmatched hotel can be resolved using the manual match feature.
Map fix status Current status of your manual match submission.
Data issues Issues related to inconsistencies or missing information when compared to Google’s canonical list of hotel information.
Location Hotel country location.

Recent changes

Shows the hotel information that was most recently updated. It includes properties that were added or removed, and any recent changes in matched status.

Data issues

Shows any properties that contain errors and/or were not matched with Google Maps information. Fix any data issues in order to keep your hotel information up-to-date. Additionally, learn more about manually matching a hotel with our manual match feature.

Suspended hotels

Shows any properties that have violated Google’s Hotel Ads policies. These properties are not shown on Google. Address the suspension reason and submit requests for your properties to be re-evaluated. Learn more about how to handle Price Accuracy violations.

Column name Description
Hotel ID The unique identifier for the hotel property.
Name The name of the hotel property.
Price issues Reasons behind pricing-related violations.
Suspended on Date of suspension.
Action Request a re-evaluation for:
  • Price issues
  • Incorrect base rates
  • Incorrect or missing taxes
  • Incorrect or missing fees
  • Not a hotel or indoor lodging business
  • Other
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