About performance reports for free booking links

In the “Reports” tab of Hotel Center, you can view the number of free booking link clicks you received per hotel ID, user country, or device. You can also download a CSV file containing your free booking links click performance. If you don’t have any free booking link clicks, both the CSV file and the page will be empty.

To view free booking link data, sign in to your Hotel Center account and select Reports > Free booking links.

If you share your rates with Google through your Business Profile, you can learn more about reporting and ranking through our frequently asked questions.

Performance summary

Use the Performance card at the top of the page to preview a snapshot summary of your free booking link's key metrics (impressions and clicks) from the last 30 days.

Booking link clicks

The “Booking link clicks” graph shows the number of clicks your free booking links received during a selected date range. By default, data for all click types will be shown. You can then click to show data based on "Hotel ID", "User location", “Device type”, “Property location”, "Booking window days", "Length of stay", "Occupancy", and “Brand”.

Note: The graphs for "Hotel ID", User Location", “Device type”, “Property location”, "Booking window days", "Length of stay", "Occupancy", and “Brand” are currently limited to show the top 5 by clicks in each category.

Booking link impressions

The “Booking link impressions” graph shows the number of impressions your free booking links received during a selected date range. Similar to the “Booking link clicks” graph, data for all impression types will be shown. This value is rounded to preserve user privacy.

Booking link clickthrough rate (CTR)

The “Booking link CTR” graph shows the CTR for your free booking links during a selected date range. By default, data for all CTR types will be shown.

Booking link report

The “Booking link report” table will show data for all hotel IDs for a selected date range. Each metric and attribute in the booking link report table can be displayed as a column, so you can customize your report with the data that is most relevant to you.

Select “Add a filter” to view data based on user location (by country), device type, hotel ID, or hotel name. To view the data in more detail, try selecting multiple attributes at once. For example, you can filter by both hotel ID and user location to analyze those insights.

To add or remove columns on the report table, click “Add a grouping”, select the checkboxes next to the metrics you want to display as columns, then click "Apply". The report will show the metrics you selected.

Download a report

To download the booking link report, click the 3-dot menu on the right side of the table and select “Download as CSV”. Note - There is a limit to maximum number of participation results when we download the report which is 10,000. This means that the downloaded report cannot have more than 10,000 entries even though there are more entries available.

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