Manual Match Fix tool

The Manual Match Fix tool gives you a simple way to resolve issues after your initial Hotel List Feed matching process has finished. Use it to address any properties with missing, incorrect, or incomplete data. You can use the tool to fix properties with no matches . If one of your properties isn't immediately matched with one from Google's canonical list of hotels, the tool will provide a list of properties that it believes could be the exact one you're looking for.

Fix hotels with no matches

  1. Log in to your Hotel Ads Center account.
  2. Click the Tools tab.
  3. Select Hotel List on the left-hand side. The console displays a list of hotels from your Hotel List feed.
  4. Access the Data Issues tab to see hotels with critical issues that may prevent property matching. 
  5. To fix these hotels, click on the Fix matches link in the summary. This will take you to the matching report.
  6. To display only hotels with no matches or properties that overlap on the map, click the Match Status drop down menu and select the filter(s) that you want, as the following example shows:

Your results will show only those hotels that match the filters that you selected.

  1. Click the edit pencil next to any listing labeled Not matched, as the following example shows:


The Manual Match Fix tool displays the Current Match Status, as the following example shows:

The match candidates are displayed in a list that is ordered by level of confidence. This means that the hotels that Google thinks are most likely what you're looking for are closest to the top of the list. Often, making small changes to the address, format, or abbreviations used in your hotel information are all it takes to get an accurate match.

  1. Use the provided hotel information and map to identify the correct match for your hotel. Select that hotel. Once the tool receives this new information, it's added to the matching database.
  2. If none of the suggestions for a partner hotel ID are suitable, search for the property using Google Maps. Next, copy the URL from your browser window and paste it into the Maps URL text field, shown below:

  1. Click the Submit button. Repeat this process for any additional hotels you need to match. If your hotel isn't in Google Maps, click Add a missing hotel and proceed to Add a missing hotel to Google Maps. (Note: This option won't appear if the listing address can't be successfully geocoded by Google and the listing itself doesn't contain lat-long coordinates).
  2. Look through the match candidates, and choose the most accurate listing. You can see a pin in the map view that shows you where the property you're matching is located. Any hotels manually entered via URL appear at the bottom of the list of suggestions. Click the Confirm button under "Confirm match suggestion," as the following example shows:

Note: Google approves changes within 48 hours. It may take up to 2 weeks until changes take effect.

Add a missing hotel to Google Maps

If your hotel can't be found in Google Maps, you may see an option to add the hotel to Google Maps. If you clicked Add a missing hotel to Google Maps in Step 8, the following will appear:

The first time that you use this capability, you'll be asked to acknowledge that using this capability grants Google perpetual and irrevocable rights for any listings submitted for inclusion in Google Maps. Read the content licensing agreement.

Keep in mind:
Only hotels that are open (or will be open within 30 days) can be added.
It can take up to 3 weeks for a hotel to be added to Google Maps.

Verifying your changes

After you have confirmed your changes, it can take up to 2 weeks for your changes to be applied by Google. You can use the Matching Report to check their status.

Quick overview: Check the Matching Report's status bar to get counts of your hotels with no matches, hotels that overlap on the map, and your overall matching percentage, as the following example shows:

Complete list: Use the Matching Report's filter to display a list of all properties with no matches and properties that overlap on the map:

Remove property match

You can remove a property match that was previously made. To remove a property match, click Unmatch next to the current match and click Confirm in the next box that appears. After you remove a property match, you'll see the pending match status in your hotels list. If you mistakenly remove a property match, it has to be manually rematched which can take up to 14 days.

Annotating hotels in the Matching Report

If you can't match your feed hotel to a Google hotel, you can assign one of a list of possible annotations using the "Annotation" column in the matching report. The following table describes the annotation options:

Annotation Description
Feed hotel needs removal The property should be removed from your hotel feed. Be sure to remove this property the next time you update your hotel list CSV or XML file.
Feed data needs editing Your feed data must be edited. Accurate feed data, like ZIP codes and phone numbers, improves the chance that your property will receive the proper match.
Google data needs editing The property is correctly matched but Google Maps data must be updated. For information on editing Google Maps data, see Edit info about a place.
Google hotel match does not exist Google is missing your property on Google Maps; you must add your property to Google Maps to be matched. For information on how to submit a new place to Google, see Add a missing place to the map.
Feed hotel needs re-review Re-evaluate the property match again at a later time. This helps you keep track of property matches that could not be resolved during the initial review.
Other An alternative to the other choices in the annotations list.
None No annotation. This is the default. Selecting this option clears the Annotation column.
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