Turn properties on and off with Live on Google

Use Live on Google to turn your properties on and off for ads and free booking links in your Hotel Center account, regardless of the status of Google Ads or whether the property has rates on Google. Learn more about how Google categorizes lodging businesses

Note: If you already have a Hotel Center account, no action is needed. The status of your existing properties with regards to free booking links will remain unchanged (properties that are on will stay on; properties that are off will stay off). All of your new properties will be enabled by default.

Change your property status on Google

You can change the status of your existing properties in the “Live on Google” column on the Hotel Center “Properties” page. If you want to change the status of a large number of properties at the same time, you can use the Travel Partner API.

Property settings

Google will turn on newly added properties by default. Contact us if you want to turn off those properties by default and enable them later. You can check your default Live on Google value by going to the Account Settings page in your Hotel Center account.

Turn your property on


To turn your property on, we recommend having an active Hotel Center account with a property list, rates, and landing pages. The account must also adhere to our Price Accuracy Policy and Referral Experience Policy.

Once a property has been added to your Hotel Center account, set Live on Google to “Yes” to turn it on to start showing on ads and free booking links.

We highly recommend using Live on Google if you’re currently turning properties on and off through your property list. It can greatly reduce the turnaround time for properties to show on Google from 48 hours (if the request is made via email) to just ~20 minutes. If you’re not able to use the Travel Partners API, contact us.
Note: If you’re using ARI or push pricing, you can push prices before turning the property on.

Turn a property off

You can turn off your properties by changing the property’s Live on Google status to “No”. Google will stop pulling prices and showing the property, and any active free booking links and ads should stop showing on Google within minutes.

If you’re using pull pricing:

  • Prices will remain in Google’s cache for a short time after the property is turned off.

If you’re using ARI or push pricing:

  • Google will continue to accept prices even if the property is not live.

Properties that have been turned off:

  • Won’t affect your price accuracy score
  • Can be turned back by following the steps above
  • Won’t be served in either free booking links or hotel ads, even if there’s a bid placed

View your property status on Google

You can view the status of your properties through Hotel Center or by submitting a status request using the Travel Partner API.

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